Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: Naked Minerals Lipstick in Stunning

Here's another one from my forgotten-but-recently-discovered folder of products to review. I can't believe I forgot about this when just last week I used this for a couple of days straight. Something must be really wrong with the part of my brain where memory is located. I must've bopped my head too hard as a kid. HAHA. Naaah, I'm just very disorganized, that's all. I should really start listing my "review list" and then check them off when I'm done. Ohh, let's start with this one. :)
Product Description:
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Treat your lips to the creamy smooth feel of Naked Minerals' new line of lipstick. Made with the purest ingredients, Naked Minerals lipsticks go on smooth - enhancing lips with rich, radiant color, and invigorating and refreshing your senses with a peppermint aroma.

Review: Naked Minerals Brushes

I've been cleaning my laptop the whole afternoon and by "cleaning", I mean deleting pictures from previously posted reviews, hauls and events. What are the chances of coming across a whole folder of unposted reviews! Talk about being unorganized. The photos, apparently, were taken late last year. Imagine the backlogs. Sheesh! >.<

So from here on out, I'll be posting those missed reviews. Too bad I wasn't able to publish this review on Naked Minerals' brushes before the giveaway. Now that I think of it, I think my winners already received their prizes. <3 Dear winners, let me know what you think of the brushes, okay? Anyway, here's my take on the lovely royal blue Naked Minerals Brushes.
Product Description:
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We believe the best makeup needs the best brushes. Other brushes are manufactured using cheaper methods. Naked Minerals™ brushes are made using high-quality manufacturing standards. Each Naked Minerals™ brush is handmade from quality tips for precise shaping and feathering. Our exclusive professional brush set gives you the tools you need for perfect application your Naked Minerals™, all in one stylish, convenient pouch!

[PR] The Paperdolls 2014 New Collection

Once again, it’s the time of the year to shed from the cocoon clothing of the holidays. As the cold winds pass by, the sweltering heat of summer greets us with full force. Summer is pretty much when everything is in full bloom – from new adventures, new memories, and of course a new wardrobe that’s comfortable and trendy. This season Paperdolls plays up a mix of well-loved themes and prints and reinvents them to what Filipinos love best: fashion, comfort, and ease.
This summer, Paperdolls immerses the modern woman to three blazing collections that are sure to fire up her summer glamour.

Review: Kiss Collagen Cream Mask

When a brand is unfamiliar to us, we tend to overlook it despite of how promising their products are. Being skeptic is not a bad thing especially when we're talking about our body and health but there's also such a thing as over-skepticism. Just imagine all the good products you've probably missed out on simply because you're scared of trying a new, never-heard brand.

This might not be applicable to some of you but here's my rule in trying out new products to blog about: if I can search it on Google (including the manufacturer and list of ingredients) and I see 3 out of 5 good feedbacks, then it's worth a try. I don't know based on what criteria you judge new products but here's one you should definitely give a shot - Kiss Collagen Cream Mask.
Product Description:
(Taken from

This overnight collagen sleeping mask is made up of 100% all natural product with no trace of steroids nor mercury. Therefore suitable for all skin types including oily and sensitive skin! Developed by the famous beauty & skin expert, the mask is formulated with collagen extract, alpha arbutin, vitamin C+ and natural extracts. This diminishes the appearance of pores, supports natural nourishment, exfoliates and addresses impurities.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Collective Haul (Part 1)

I've been out of the loop for a couple of months due to my hyperactive schedule thus the missed haul posts and backlogs. I swear, I'll be blogging nonstop this summer break because I know for a fact that when review school starts, it's bye-bye regular blogging, more or less. I'd still be updating this blog every now and then, of course, but not as often. Boohoo!

On the lighter note, I finally have a new haul post for y'all! It's been a while and I'm pretty sure this isn't complete considering how long it was since my last haul post but who cares.. I'm still sharing them as you might find something you're interested in trying. At least you'd know where to get them and how much it costs, right? :D
P.S I'd have to apologize in advance for the crappy photos. Okay, they're not that bad but still, I'm not impressed with them. I couldn't figure out my lighting-thingy and I wanted to post this right away. No more blabbing, here's the first part of my collective haul. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 2014 BDJ Box: Truly Asian Beauty

 We've known and loved BDJ Box for its consistency in giving us products that are worth trying without spending as much. I think you'd agree with me when I say this month's Pixy-exclusive box was a whole different ball game. Not only did we get more for our money but we also got first dibs on a brand that hasn't even come out in the local market yet! Talk about exclusivity! <3  A lot of bloggers have been raving about this box so let's just go ahead with it. :)
Although it came from an Indonesian parent company, Pixy follows the Tokyo trend of sweet, feminine makeup. Ever heard of Gatsby Hair Styling Wax and Bifesta Makeup Remover? Pixy came from the same company, Mandom Group. According to my dear old friend Google, Pixy started in 1982 and with time, it's been expanding its market overseas.. its latest conquest, the Philippine shores. :)