Friday, October 2, 2015

#FreshInsideAndOut: Handling Beauty Mishaps

If I learned anything from my 23 years of existence, it’s that no one is spared from embarrassing beauty mishaps. I used to be quite cautious so as to spare myself from further embarrassing moments during my teen years, but you know what, now I just wing it. There’s nothing more fun than letting go of all your inhibitions and just going with the flow. It’s all part of being young and carefree. :)
Here are a few tips on how to handle beauty mishaps based from personal experience, of course.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 2015 BDJ Box: Ber Month Beauty

Christmas is nearing and the Elite BDJ Box line-up really gets me pumped up for the gift-giving season. The BDJ Team must have been feeling extra generous when they curated the September box because it was overflowing! I mean, seriously! The standard black elite box couldn’t hold everything inside so they had to put a bunch of tapes on the sides to prevent it from popping open!
The theme, Ber Month Beauty, is quite timely too. I’m sure family gatherings and reunions will be plenty during this time of the year, and we still have a few months to prepare to look our best. Another thing I like about this particular elite box edition is that they were able to include a lot of new releases like the Biore and L’Oreal Professionel products.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Air Asia x Etude House Makeup Up and Away: Fly To Korea For Free!

It's always been a dream of mine to visit Korea. It's a dream destination to every beauty enthusiast such as myself. I mean, who wouldn't want to pay homage the ultimate shopping destination in Asia? Unlike here in the Philippines, it is said that Korean boutiques are quite generous with samples and discounts. Argh! Take me to Korea, now na. haha!
It's time to thank your lucky stars because the makeup fairy probably heard your prayers! This September, Etude House Philippines, in collaboration with Sejong Hotel and AirAsia Philippines, is giving away two round-trip tickets to Korea and a makeup shopping spree worth 10,000 pesos to TEN (10) lucky winners of the Makeup Up and Away promotion.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#FreshInsideAndOut: Things We're Insecure About During Our Teens

How about a slight dose of high school feels to lighten up your day? I recently took a personality test, and it shocked me how much I struggled with each question. I came to realize that my personality shifted almost 180 degrees the last 10 years, so allow me to take you down memory lane, back to when I was an awkward teenager.

I was 1/3 of an infamous group of friends when I was a freshman. The three of us had very different personalities; until now, I don’t quite understand how we clicked. Okay, so we have D, the crush ng bayan type, and C, the Ms. Congeniality/Ms. Popular… and then there’s me, the loud-mouth who always got into trouble. I bet you’re all shocked. Yes, on my second year, I was under disciplinary probation. Oh, yes, no kidding! I guess that might have been my way of setting myself apart.
People have always assumed that I’m very confident because how else could I have that strong personality if I wasn’t sure of myself, right? Wrong. If I were to look back, I could tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that high school was when I was most insecure about myself. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Lanegie Sleeping Beauty SPArty!

I remember lemming for the cult favorite, Laneige Sleeping Water Pack_EX for months on end. It's been on my wishlist for the longest time until my friend finally took pity on me and agreed to hoard on my behalf  during her Christmas trip to Korea that year. It's been part of my nightly routine ever since.. especially during cold seasons like what we are experiencing now. If you haven't tried it yet, well you're missing out on an incredible product!
Anyway, Laneige hosted a SPArty a few month ago, and incidentally, it was also the first SPArty I attended which is why I immediately RSVP'd upon receiving the invite. Another thing that pushed me to attend, in spite of the horrible weather that day, was my genuine love for the brand.Not even the strong rain and wind can stop me from attending the event, haha!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Made To Enjoy Singing: Taiwan Excellence brings you the newest online contest

Show off your singing ability, broadcast your musical talent, and wow audiences all over the world in the Made to Enjoy Singing Contest, a new and innovative contest brought to you by Taiwan Excellence, with so many exciting prizes to be awarded. Made to Enjoy Singing will surely captivate the Philippines by discovering your hidden musical talents.
The Taiwan Excellence - Made to Enjoy Singing Contest aims to showcase the musical genius of Filipinos. Adding to the fun, it allows the public to vote for the best musical video submissions, which will then be judged by a panel of experts. The winners will take home superb Taiwan Excellence products, as well as cash prizes.