Braids were extremely popular in 2016 and it seems like they will be even more trendy in 2017. So, today we have for you a list of top braid hairstyles 2017. Here you will find only best braided hairstyles in 2017 that are perfect for a date, party, work, fitness, walk or business meeting. We know for sure that braids suit to every occasion!

1. Mohawk Braid

That’s a really wow braid! You can combine it with a bun, ponytail or a loose hair. It looks gorgeous in any variation. You can wear it on a wedding, party, date, work, business or informal meeting. Make it messy – your romantic and girly style is ready. Make it tight and add hair accessories – it will look like a queen crown. Combine with a bun or ponytail – your look will be casual and informal but smart at the same time.

2. Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is one of the braided hairstyles that are always in fashion. It’s really loved by brides all around the world, so if you are a bride-to-be, think about it. A fishtail is a very feminine but casual hairstyle that looks amazing tight or messy, with dress or jeans. At the same time, it is easy quick hairstyle and it can stay tight and pretty all day long.

3. Fishtail Crown

You spend the whole day in town and have a tight schedule? Fishtail crown will look amazing with both business and casual outfits and match your dress in case you have a date or party afterward. Don’t forget about matching accessories – a hair band or flowers.

4. Classic Braid

A classic braid was nearly forgotten after fishtail and french braid appeared. But it is still a nice alternative and one of the easiest and quickest braiding hairstyles to make. It’s not a party or an office hairstyle, but why not to make it for a walk, beach, running or informal meeting? It’s very simple and unpretentious but pretty.

5. Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are in fashion since 2016. Everything started from celebrities on red carpets, now boxer braids are loved by active girls and it’s definitely a perfect choice for fitness, hiking, cycling or other sports activities. If you have a long bus, train or car travel in front, choose this hairstyle and you won’t be mistaken. However, as celebrities showed us in 2016, boxer braids can be successfully combined with a “black tie” or party outfit.

6. Center Double Braid

A simple low ponytail looks quite boring, so why not to mix it with a braid? Center double is one of those mix&match braid hairstyles that add this tiny small detail that makes the whole outfit look outstanding. It’s easy to make, so next time when you decide to go out with a ponytail, remember about the center double braid – it will completely refresh your casual look.

7. Halo Braid

This is one of the more advanced braided hairstyles, but it looks amazing at a party or a wedding. It looks like a hair crown, so wearing it you will look like a queen. Add a nice long dress, – greek style will match perfectly – jewelry and you will be the star of the event. From the other hand, a halo braid will save you in the summer, especially if you are getting hot even with a ponytail but still want to look pretty.

8. Multi Braid

That’s more of ethno or boho style that became highly popular in 2016 and stays trendy in 2017. Multi Braid hairstyle shows all the beauty of the long hair but needs a right outfit, and accessories. Hot summer, sea or ocean coast or a South American city? That’s the perfect time and place for this kind of hairstyle!

9. Mermaid Braid

That’s another one of wedding braiding hairstyles. It suits to princess, bohemian or greek style wedding dresses and will make a bride feel like a princess. But don’t ignore this hairstyle in your casual life – it looks really outstanding. The best choice for a date or a party! However, a tight mermaid braid will match your daily look as well.

10. Goddess Braids

Goddess braids that last up to 6 months are in fashion again. They look nice on both black and white women and suit to creative ladies who love to express their personality thru hairstyle and outfits. However, you can also choose goddess braids, if you don’t like to style your hair every day. On we collected trendy hairstyles for 2017, so if you are not really into those 10, you will find a lot more braiding and not only hairstyles.

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