I have to admit, I tend to overcompensate.. I buy tons of things for myself, (thus the term, self-gifter) when I achieve even the tiniest goals I set for myself.
Anyways, here’s one of the things I bought for myself. 
** please ignore my dope grin.
13 x 9 x 8.5 inches bright orange makeup case from Legally Vain. Ready for the good part? It costed me only Php 999! Yes, you read it right. It was discounted from it’s original price of, if I remember correctly, Php 1500 (?). 
It has tiny scratches at the bottom though. But nothing a HUGE discount could overlook. LOL! It also has these key locks at the top to secure the contents while traveling.
All in all, it was definitely a steal! I no longer have to keep my makeup in different boxes. Plus, my palettes and brush sets fit perfectly. đŸ™‚
I’ll post picture of the contents of my makeup case in my next posts. <3