Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tony Moly Swatches + Haul!

My major pet peeve when it comes to shopping? SA's who follows you like a dog and/or forces you to buy unnecessary products! There's a huge difference between being courteous and outright suspicious and rude. I mean seriously, do I look like a shoplifter or like I don't have the money to pay for whatever? Geesshh! Department store SA's should really learn from SA's in most Korean boutiques. Sorry about my brief ranting. I just don't like it when SA's tries to intimidate me into buying their product. :(

Anyway, during Tony Moly's branch opening and product launching last week, we were given the privilege to swatch everything without the suspicious looks. It was so much fun!

Let's start off with the face products:


I didn't really gave this bulky tube a second glance as I walked pass it during the Tony Moly launch but Ina of Iambabypanda insisted on giving it a try. I was rather intrigued when I removed the cap and saw that it was a foundation brush! But wait, when I swiped it on the back of my hand, it automatically dispensed the product. Cool! But I noticed from the packaging that it tends to dispense too much product all at once. 

From what I've gathered, the formulation is lightweight and non-sticky. I'm not really sure about the lasting power though since I wasn't able to road test the product for hours. Also, I think this is only available in one shade -- that's obviously too light for me.


Tony Moly's Berry Lovely Girl Tip Concealer reminds me so much of Etude House's Surprise Essence concealer as they have almost the same packaging, smell and consistency. Quick Comparison: TM is a bit more fluid, consistency-wise, making it easier to blend. It also has more shades to choose from. EH, on the other hand, is harder to blend because of it's thick and rich consistency which apparently offers better coverage.

Shades 1 and 2 both have yellow-ish undertone while 3 is more on the pink-ish side.

Petite Coral & Petite Pink
I super love the packaging! It's so dainty and girly.. very kikay. Both shades are highly pigmented and not chalky at all. I immediately noticed that they have these tiny shimmers like the ones in highlighters to fake a glowing dewy look -- though the shimmers are more prominent on the petite pink than on the coral one. This is definitely a multi-purpose product for me as I often top my blush with highlighter. Talk about getting 2 products for the price of 1! 

For the eyes:

01 White, 03 Coral, 02 Pin, 04 Lavender, 06 Olive, 06 Topaz
Before I begin to express how much this product impressed me, I would like to thank Eyah of eyanism for lending me her hand because my arm was already full from previous swatches. All for the love of makeup and blogging. LOL! 

Going back to the paint pots, they're like normal cream eyeshadows with awfully rich consistency making it really thick and difficult to even out. After few minutes, Eyah tried to remove them by rubbing them with her thumb. Lo and behold! Not a single eyeshadow budged! Yes, they're 100% smudge-proof! Perfect for girls who, like me, have a nasty habit of rubbing their eyes.

And the fun part, lip products!!!

The clear plastic packaging is a lot like Model Own's BUT this one is thinner and looks more tacky in person compared to MO. Anyway, the lipstick itself is quite pigmented, creamy and glides on rather smoothly. It has a bit of a sheen finish too. By the way, the photo below is Ina's arm. :)

I honestly think this one is more of a gloss than a tint. It has a fairly thin pen-like packaging that makes use the click/twist-thingy on the bottom part to dispense the product. It's sooo pigmented and the colors are beyond vibrant!

01 Pink, 02 Orange, 03 Red
Ombre is so IN right now that even lip glosses are inspired by the lovely mix of colors. When I first saw these tubes, the first thing that popped in my head was Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush makeup line. Don't ask me why because I also don't know. LOL! These 3 shades are so pretty I spent a good 5 minutes looking and swatching them. I love the fact that they have little glitters that could make thin lips look plump without making it look oily.

02 Orange Swing, 01 Red Swing, 03 Pink Swing

I think this Cat Wink line is one of Tony Moly's recently launched lines. They're really cute and handy! The glosses have a great range of shaeds to choose from. Some are opaque and very eye-catching while other are more of a clear-and-glitter kind for the shy ones. Despite the difference in color, they're all creamy and graced with a mild hint of sweetness.

Top: 01, 04, 06, 02
Bottom: 05, 07, 08, 09, 10
And of course, my haul and loot bag from Tony Moly.

Real Lemon Juice Peeling Gel Php 378 | Floria Cleansing Tissue Php 98 | Egg Pore Nose Pack (for BF) Php 28 | Aqua Aura Emulsion, Milk Hand Cream and Floria mini kit are from the loot bag.

I'm beginning to turn my back on western brands as I indulge more on Korean goodies. LOL!
Read more about Tony Moly's new Aqua Aura line HERE.

See you on my next post!
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    I want the white one for highlight :)

  2. super agree on the SA thingy!!! they could simply ask "is there anything I could help you" then it depends on the client if they wanted assistance or not. Most SA just follow your every move, like seriously!~ anyway, nuff the rants..hehe~ great swatches and loved your hauls ^_~

  3. Hi Girl! :)
    I am having my first giveaway. :) You might win awesome COSMETIC ORGANIZERS! ^_^
    I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
    Here is the link:
    Thank you so much! God Bless :)
    Follow my blog. Will SURELY followed you back!<3 :)

    Much Love!

  4. I love the paint pots.. ndi talaga siya ng smudge! :) Tapos pigmented! :) I'm plannig to buy one :)

  5. I also don't like sales attendants who keeps on following me through every aisle of the store. That's why I don't usually come inside stores with products I can't afford (Kiehl's, Tony Moly, etc). I feel ashamed when they explain and promote every product that I'm looking over closely and never buy it anyway. >:) But yeah, as I've mention in my other comment, I'm going to FINALLY try TM specfically the Tony Moly's Berry Lovely Girl Tip Concealer. After seeing the swatches here, I'm not going to feel intimidated now when followed by SA's because I now know what I want! :)

  6. Hahahaha! Ako naman lately, I find na instead of being attentive, they're making chika somewhere with their peers. :)) wah I'm weak in the knees for those kiss lover glosses! I usually don't use lipglosses but the color of those! *drools*

  7. Not all Korean boutiques! SAs in the EH store near me follow around too and frequently ask if I'd like to buy something when I've said outright I'm just taking a look :/ They need customer orientation! Why aren't some SAs being taught decent manners?


  8. Gaaaaaaaah I love swatching but when I do, especially on watsons, suspicious looks from the SAs would intimidate you x.x Lucky enough you're given the privilege to swatch every products you see. YAY for that! btw, i love the pigmentation of BACKSTAGE PAINT EYE POT ♥

    Desire ♥

  9. I totally agree, but since I shop reaaaaaallllyyyyyy slow, like I really take my time, they simply give up hahahaha ^^ sometimes I tell them outright to do other things, in a nice and chikka manner ah, then tell i really shop slow and im fine by myself hihihi ^^

  10. i also experienced it ^_^ i dunno,it's as if i don't have the money to buy products from their store lol even though i'm a student,they should not do that >_< i was really planning to haul that time in that store but the SA kept on following me and i got irritated and left the store immediately :D great swatches! i would like to try the concealer :)))

  11. cool haul! I know that the cats wink line is new here but i think they already have it in their branches in Korea. I remember last July, my Korean student brought the same cats wink product as the one in the photo. I'm just not a 100% sure. hihi

  12. Nice haul!
    So many cute packaging that catch my eyes *0*


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