I do this kind of post every single year since I started blogging. But somehow it gets harder and harder to write a wish list as I get older. I’d like to take that as a sign that I’m actually maturing and I’m veering away from material things. But then again, it’s just a list. It doesn’t define our character. Just because we have a few makeup on our list doesn’t make us petty and materialistic. I mean, I can’t put world peace or “stop world hunger” in a collage photo and put it here.
Speaking of, one pet peeve of mine: people who do charitable acts and announce it to the world like they deserve a medal for it or something. HAHA. It’s alright to support an advocacy and mention it once in a while. I just don’t like it when regular people become trapo like politicians.
Ooppss.. I better stop here before I get completely sidetracked. Haha. Let’s go back to my list then. 🙂
1. Office Attires. I’ve been shedding a lot of weight lately so most of my clothes actually fit better now. I was also able to stock up on corporate dresses all thanks to SM Women event. But when you do something so routinary every single day like me, one of the things to look forward to in the morning is dressing up for work. Nothing too bongga of course but I want to look presentable so I give what I wear some thought. I want my outfits to look respectable but at the same time, with a little dose of spunk or femininity, depending on what I’m feeling that morning. *wink!
Lately, I’ve been really fixated on pastel blazers so I have shoes and earth-toned bag here to balance it out. Imagine opening your wardrobe filled with colorful pastels! Aww that would be heaven. <3
2. Fitness Stuff. I’ve always wanted to try yoga but I guess I’m still waiting for the push, you know. I was once invited to a yoga event.. I thought that was my chance to gauge if I’d actually enjoy it before committing to a monthly/annual yoga membership. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend because of work. Now I’m still unsure if I should attend a class and more importantly, where. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears. <3

I’ve been using Herbalife products for more than a month now and just to be clear, I pay for it using my hard-earned money. It’s not cheap but it’s totally worth it. I’ve lost 4kgs and counting. This is certainly one of the best weight lost programs I’ve tried. Let me know if you’d want me to blog about my Herbalife program down in the comment section. And oh, I still need to workout a bit so I’m including a stationary bike on my list. I can exercise while watching tv in our living room! 
3. Of course, MAKEUP. I won’t be me if my wish list didn’t include any beauty product – no matter how much I already have. Makeup Forever HD Foundation as well as The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer just because I’ve heard so much good things about them. A few MAC products.. because they’re MAC, need I say more? Christian Louboutin Lipstick. I have more than enough lipsticks but nothing remotely as pretty as this one! Look at it! <3 
Makeup School. I wanted to enroll in one before I started working but one thing led to another and I ended up using my savings on other things. It’s alright, tho. I was never intending on becoming a PRO makeup artist or doing it for a living ‘cause I have issues with other people’s face being too close to mine. I need my personal space. HAHA! I just want to perfect my makeup and maybe learn new tricks on how to apply my makeup with less time.
4. Skincare. Now this is where a big chunk of my money goes right now. I’m in this constant struggle of trying to improve my skin. I just think that if I have good skin, I would need less makeup. I’ve tried Avene Eu Thermal Mist before and it was the bomb! It really does alleviate redness and itchiness. It’s a bit expensive, tho. I want to hoard the biggest size they have because it’s that good!

I can’t go wrong with Shiseido. Every single product I’ve tried from the brand has become my favorite at one point. I’m still using the Shiseido White Lucent Serum, Éclat Brightener and Ibuki as of writing. My Olay cleanser served me well but I’m still curious as to why a lot of beauty enthusiasts gush over the cult-favorite, Clarisonic. So yeah, that’s why it landed on my list – mere curiosity. HAHA. Same with the Glam Glow Mask and Paula’s Choice Retinol range. Wayne Goss has been praising the range non-stop! I want to know what the buzz is about. 🙂

5. Beauty Drip/Glutathione Injectable. Again with the skin. I’ve been itching to have
this done regularly not just to achieve whiter skin but instead, to make my
skin look healthier. I somehow feel like my work has dulled my skin despite all
my efforts when it comes to skincare and derma appointments.

I heard Flawless Beauty Drip, a cocktail of nutrients,
has a lot of benefits and because it is “drip”, it is more effective and
delivers faster result. Maybe for my birth month. <3
6. Laptop Case. My brother asked me why I bought a new
MacBook Air when I have a perfectly functioning Sony Vaio. I bluntly answered
him “kasi maganda case ng MacBook”. Now he wouldn’t stop insulting how I make
money-related decisions, haha. It was partly true. I love how cute MacBook
cases are but it’s not the main reason. You know how noob I am when it comes to
editing photos (I don’t know how to use Photoshop, still) and the built-in
editor in MAC is very user friendly. <3
But then again, cute cases never hurt anyone.
😛 I have a thing for all galaxy-inspired prints at the moment. I get it’ll
look good on my lappy, Clancy. Yes, I named my laptop after a fictional character.

7. Books. When it comes to books, I trust Kim’s recommendation. I would read anything she suggests because every book she has ever suggested up to this point has become one of my faves. <3 If you love books, too, ask her for more recos. SRSLY. <3
8. JAMES REID! HAHA! I’m a fan so if you could put James Reid in a box for Christmas, that would be swell. Ask my officemates and they’d tell you how I giggle and swoon whenever I watch the rerun of OTWOL on IWantTV in the office every morning. Oh wait, I think I like Clark Medina, not James Reid. I like his pa-sweet but suplado character. Aw, so kilig. HAHA <3
That’s it for this year’s wish list. Let’s see what items I can cross off in the coming months. Uhm, paging ze boyfriend! My birthday is only 3 weeks away. Feel free to browse my list ha. But I already made a note on your phone for the MAC lipstick shades just in case.. HAHA. 🙂 How about you? What’s on your Christmas wish list? I’d love to hear what you’ve wanted to get your hands on.. 🙂