The past year was definitely filled with ups and downs. I got the biggest, most gut-wrenching disappointment of my life but surprisingly, it was a door that opened so many opportunities for me. I had everything planned out based on that single event so when it did not happen, everything else came crumbling down. But its okay, I’m okay with it now. πŸ™‚ I got more time to enjoy what I really love, more time to discover myself, more time to embrace new adventures and more time to rediscover old love that has been lost because of the whirlwind of events.
The only immediate goal I had set for myself was to lose weight; not just to look good but to be confident that I am strong for my age. But now that the first quarter of the year came to close, I realized that I’ve done so much more than that already. I realized that 2015 has unofficially become a year of firsts for me. I’m so proud of the little things I’ve accomplished and I can’t be more excited for what’s to come. So with that, I decided to share with you some of my firsts through a series of posts.
Mid-January of this year, I was contacted by the president of the De La Salle Univarsity-Dasmarinas Student Council asking if I would be open to the idea of becoming a resource speaker. I was immediately informed that the talk would happen during the school’s annual Lasallian Festival/Students’ Week and that it would be most about the basics of makeup application entitled #NoFilter. Although I was thrilled by the idea, I wanted to think it through so I told her that I’ll contact her before February.

I honestly think I’m not qualified to give a talk about the makeup, or anything for that matter. I haven’t taken up any proper classes from esteemed makeup schools, just a few 1-day workshops and the rest was self-taught. I love makeup (this blog is a testament to that) but I’m not a makeup artist, obviously. Another thing working against me was the fact that I graduated from that school and I didn’t want to step foot at the university again until I get my license as a Certified Public Accountant.

I knew accepting the offer and becoming a resource speaker would be a great addition to my very short list of “accomplishments for self-growth” so when February came, I took a deep breath and agreed to do the talk. You know what? I’m glad I did in spite of all the self-doubts.
Come February 18, I asked my high school friend to accompany me to be the model of my demo. The drive going to DLSU-D was nerve-wrecking. I was trying to keep my composure as I try to outline the topics and key points in my head. I didn’t want to forget anything just because I was nervous. You might not know this but I don’t like speaking in front of a class. I suck at public speaking. Class reporting during college weas the least fun for me. I just hate it!

Photo Credit: DLSU-D Office Admistration Society

Anyway, as we got to the venue, there were more or less 50 participants, mostly from the College of Administration. One professor approached me before I began my presentation and she was just so grateful for my willingness to impart what I know. She said that the talk would greatly help the students become more aware of how they present themselves especially those who are graduating this year. Also, she asked if I didn’t mind that there were guys, too. To which I answered “no, I don’t mind”, of course. I was surprised, yes, but I really didn’t mind. It was a welcome change. πŸ™‚

I started the talk with the basics: tools, skin types and then makeup based on the order they are applied. After discussing each type, I demonstrate the proper application on my model. I also allowed the participants to use some of my stuff so they can follow what I was doing. It was apparent that majority of them didn’t know the basics but you can see that makeup really is one of the few things that bring girls together. <3 That’s one of the reasons I love blogging. It brings us girls together. <3

Below is the copy of the presentation I made for the talk. Feel free to browse through it. I hope you learn something new as well. πŸ™‚ Disclaimer: I used different makeup books as reference.

I thought I would be nervous all throughout the presentation just as I was when I was reporting in front of the class back in college. But you know what? It was nothing like that. As soon as I started talking, all the nervousness and over-thinking went out the door. I felt at ease… like talking about makeup is the most natural thing to do for me. It felt like I was just blogging but instead of typing, I was saying it out loud. There were no judge-y stares or condescending questions – I was most afraid of these! The participants were very open to what I have to share and it truly felt amazing. Even the guys had genuine questions about grooming!

Photo Credit: DLSU-D Office Admistration Society

After the makeup demo and Q&A, my friend chose 2 participants who did well with their makeup and we awarded the loot bags I personally curated for the event. It was nothing much but I wanted to motivated them and make them more conscious of how they present themselves.

I was, of course, I presented with a small token from the Student Council along with a certificate. HA! How many of my batch mates in college can say they have been invited by our alma mater to become a resource speaker? Nada. I’m the first. *evil laugh* Kidding aside, I’d like to thank Charmaine Molano, CSO President. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone.
 It’s nothing like a CPA license but I’d like to think that this could be one of His reasons. Maybe I was supposed to find what I truly love during this time of trial. It’s not that I won’t try again but the “delay of my success” could actually be Him buying me some time to enjoy this phase of my life and to build my character. I didn’t see it that way last October but now everything is a little bit clearer. His plans are truly better than what I could’ve possibly planned for myself.

Alright, enough of this mushy-touchy feeling. I just wanted to say that, based from personal experience, sometimes the biggest failures in life are actually just His way of leading us to a different way. Oh just to be clear, I didn’t technically fail the board exam. It’s much more complicated than that. Haha. 
Have a blessed Lenten season, everyone!