Less than a month ago, I was invited to attend Shakey’s Color Fun Run as a celebration of their 40 years of presence in the country. I know what you’re thinking; that is a very small thing – something that doesn’t need to be announced or celebrated. It’s nothing compared to the first accomplishment I post, 2015 Year of Firsts: DLSU-D Talk #NoFilter. But to join a marathon is something that is very out-of-character for me. My family was actually rather surprised knowing that the most exercise I get in a day is climbing up and down our stairs to get food from the kitchen. I have very weak cardio endurance and I can barely catch my breath when I climb up overpasses. I am the very definition of a couch potato and I have never ever thought of joining a marathon.

Photo Credit to Shakey’s PH
When I RSVP’d for the 5k run, I knew I had to build my cardio endurance no matter how minuscule. Else, I won’t even make it to the 2-kilometer mark. I started practicing a week before the marathon. I was trying to push myself when I felt like I wanted to bail on the event. I was listening to Eminem’s Lose Yourself most of the time I run to get me pumped up, angst-y and all. Haha.
Honestly, I walked half of the time but to me, it didn’t matter. All that mattered to me that time was to finish, nothing else. And we eventually did.. after 41 minutes. πŸ™‚ Great thing it was a color run. They had stations setup to throw colored powders on us which made the run a lot less boring. Haha. I think the colors were supposed to diffuse when you sweat but because I rarely sweat (I mean seriously, ask anyone who knows me personally) I just shrugged off the powder. πŸ˜€
I know a lot would look down on this post and think that I’m being melodramatic and that I’m over-sensationalizing a trivial event that other people can accomplish without a sweat. But that’s the point; I’m not like other people and this is a new achievement for me. Another addition to the things I never thought I could do or would even have the proper mindset to join.
Yes, it is indeed a small thing but I did step out of my comfort zone so I am proud of myself. You can seat there and celebrate with me (aww thanks!) or you can judge and trivialize my small accomplishment but know that I don’t care. I’m proud of myself and I know this will open more possibilities for me – that’s all that matters. This shall be the start of a healthier lifestyle.

Photo Credit to Shakey’s PH
I’m so glad my boyfriend and I decided to join. We had tons of fun! It was definitely one for the books. Thank you Shakey’s and ARC PR for introducing another bonding activity for us. This most definitely will not be the last time we join a marathon. <3
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