It’s common knowledge that hair makeover is nothing new to me. I change my hair as often as I change my mind about my favorite lipstick. I’ve had countless hair makeovers throughout the years and I realized how most of them are brought about by a life event; may it be a celebration for an accomplishment, a career decision, or most often than not, a broken heart. I believe every girl tends to do the same when facing big changes in life. It’s like our first instinct is to change our hair because, yes, the way our hair looks greatly impacts how we feel about ourselves. It has the power to make us feel better in an instant!
And this coming holiday season, I encourage everyone to go get a hair makeover just because it’s great to end a year and at the same time, welcome 2016 with nothing less than the best version of yourself – and that includes your hair. 🙂 Being able to visit different salons has been part of the privileges of a beauty blogger but somehow, no one ever has ever done my hair quite like JuRo Salon Exclusif.
1. It’s a secluded sanctuary in the middle of the busy Metro.
When you live anywhere in Metro Manila, a crowded salon is not a rare sight for you. Come to think of it, everything here is just too crowded. It’s a fact of life as it is considered as THE business district, but when it comes to salon time, I prefer having it done at a quiet place. I think of my makeover as my “me time”. The place doesn’t have to be grand, but it does have to be quiet and very chill.
Located at the 2nd floor of Kingston Place in BGC, JuRo Salon is like a gem in a cabbage patch. The place isn’t too big but it is cozy. Everyone’s busy but it doesn’t feel like they’re always in a rush. One thing I found interesting during my visit at JuRo’s is that the place is never empty but still never too crowded. Mind you, it went there on a weekday but they still got a number of clients coming in and out of the place.
2. They have trained staffs, but are still very hands-on with every makeover.
Like any other salons, JuRo has a decent amount of trained hands ready to assist the masters as they do their magic. But that’s the thing; they only assist. Jude does all the cutting whereas Rose does the coloring. They don’t delegate this kind of work to their staff. I have one too many experience to know that in most salons, the senior stylist would just give his staff a slur of instructions, do someone else’s hair and then just return to me for the finishing touches.. and then have the audacity to charge me for the work of a senior stylist like WTF, right? HAHA. 
Well not at JuRo Salon. The most the staffs do is shampoo, dry, and style my hair with a few curls here and there. Most of the time they just hold segments of hair as Rose create patterns before coloring my hair.
3. They use only the best products.
With a lot of hair brands in the market today, it is difficult to be sure what salon stylists are really using on us when we get our hairs done. I remember reading this post online:
Okay, so this girl walks in to a salon she’s never been to before; she’s had her hair rebonded a number of times before but not at the said salon. She admitted that what made her decide to get her hair rebonded at that particular salon is the promo – I have to admit, these kinds of promos can be very appealing. During the process she noticed that the smell of the products used that time were different from the ones she’s used to. She let it slip but after the grueling hours of sitting (which often takes 4-6 hours based on experience), her hair looked hideous so she asked to see the medicine used. To her surprise, instead of using L’Oreal products which she paid for, the stylist used the kind you buy at divisoria for less than a hundred bucks. This story scared the sh*t out of me! I honestly haven’t had my hair rebonded since I read that horror story, haha.
My point is, there’s nothing stopping dime-a-dozen salons from using cheap products if they think they can get away with it. More money for them, right? How infuriating.
But of course, having the dedication of a painter, Rose wouldn’t use anything less the best. Expect nothing but the premium brands from JuRoSalon. Having said that, they’re currently championing an Italian brand that has been in the hair industry for 50 years. The brand Elgon develops and creates all of its own formulations in-house to meet the needs of both salons and end consumers, all manufactured in Italy.
4. Hair is their life’s work..
The powerful duo behind JuRo, Jude and Rose Hipolito, have worked a long side global hair brands such as Matrix and L’Oreal. And with the long string of solid experience when it comes to hair, the two have truly become the masters of their craft. No one knows precision haircut like Jude. I honestly haven’t had a haircut that good. I was so sure that my Php500-haircut at my usual Korean salon was the best.. boy, was I wrong!
Jude showed me, before cutting my hair, what my hair actually looked like from the back. The cut was jagged – and it was sooo obvious! It was embarrassing. Like what he always do for most first time clients, Jude corrected the error and damage done by mediocre salons. He talked about how much technicalities goes into just cutting hair, and he spoke with so much fire and passion that you’d think he wasn’t talking about just hair. He was so fun to listen to, all the while as he was sculpting my hair – yes, not just cutting it.
Rose, on the other hand, is not as chatty, but I appreciate how she explained each step as she goes along, trying to make me understand the art behind every process. She didn’t just throw in a lump of brown hair color.. she began by creating patterns that would create depth and movement to my hair.
The outcome was glorious but I did not appreciate the patterns at once. It was only when I was combing my bangs with my hand that I noticed how strategically the highlights were placed.
5. …and they’re the masters of it.
The result of hours of hardwork – a masterfully executed Cara-Melt balayage that is work-appropriate, just as I requested. Most importantly, I felt like they achieved the goal without compromising my personal style.
Of course, hair this good deserves a selfie! <3
I remember Jude mentioning that he looked over my social media account and noted that I always have my hair below the shoulder so he tried to cut off all the damaged parts and sculpted the layers so my hair would naturally fall into place – all the while keeping my hair at a length I’m comfortable with. It’s simple, really. They know hair.
To them at Juro Salon, hair is an art. So if you’re going to get your hair done there, I advise you give the artists the freedom to do as they see fit. Believe me, they will not disappoint. It is to no surprise that JuRo Salon Exclusif is strictly by appointment; people from all over the world come here for their premium service. And I am greatly privileged to have been touched by the masters. Oh, the people I wouldn’t have met if not for this blog. I’m so overwhelmed. <3
JuRo Salon Exclusif is located at 2F Kensington Place, 1st Avenue, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. You may book your appointment by calling (02)822-5673 or 09209044645.