Sometimes we get so tired of our usual everyday routine that a typical massage is not enough to shake off that burnout feeling. Now if you’re someone who appreciates luxurious beauty and takes comfort in facials or massages, then you’ll love the newest, biggest and most luxurious beauty venue to date! I was privileged enough to be invited to the Shiseido Beauty Penthouse grand reveal yesterday and I’m extremely excited to share with you what this upscale beauty destination all about and what they have to offer. 😉
Shiseido, a global brand that creates continuous innovations in beauty by combining the most advanced human science with exquisite aesthetic elements opened the doors of the first branded beauty-themed suite in the Philippines—Shiseido Beauty Penthouse.

Shiseido Beauty Penthouse is a venue with infused concepts of luxury, prestige, beauty and Japanese “Omotenashi” that can be fully-experienced by pre-selected guests. The design of the place exudes elegance which is one of the strongest characteristics of Shiseido. The intricate details in it speak for the concept as everything is Shiseido-branded and represents what the brand stands for.
Omotenashi is a Japanese word which represents the act of providing detailed service in a variety of ways to allow guests to spend a relaxing and memorable time by putting customers first. It roughly translates to “hospitality” – something that is truly embodied by the Shiseido ladies.
There were also a lot of beautifully-conceptualized surprises inside the Shiseido Beauty Penthouse. Come, I’ll take you to a virtual tour of what seems to be the grandest beauty house in the country to date.
On the first floor, there are elegantly arranged lounges where guests could hangout and engage in small chitchat with their friends or fellow VIPs. Around the couches and sofas are some of the best-selling Shiseido products. Everything is so Instagram-worthy!
It’s not just your typical lounge for there is also a sweet and savory buffet where guests can try masterpieces from the Shiseido Parlour, a pioneer of Japanese-style ‘Western’ cuisine (yoshoku) located in the heart of Ginza District, Tokyo founded in 1902.
Oh, did you think that was it? Nah, that’s just the first floor. More surprises and treats are in store for VIP guests upstairs!
The second floor is called the “hanatsubaki” floor. This is where most of the services are done.
  The Experience Suite has got to be the fanciest bathroom I’ve been to. It’s huge and very spacious. Complete with a rose petal-filled tub, this is sure to take away all your worries and give you that zen feeling.
Shiseido Beauty Penthouse is also the launch pad of the highly-anticipated Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection–a batch of innovative skincare and makeup products that revolves around the themes of “IMPRESSIVE BEAUTIFUL EYES” and “LIFTED & GLOWING SKIN”.
The products to be unveiled possess beauty-science to address “immunity”, “glow-firming”, “(beauty) power-infusing” and “anti-aging”. Months ahead of the collection’s launch, we are letting our guests see and try it for the first time.
While I was waiting for my turn for the facial, I had a relaxing 3-minute hand massage using nothing but the lavish Shiseido Hand and Body Cream. Believe me, it smelled divine! <3 Beside the massage area is this posh hair station. I had my hair straightened out for my next event that day. 🙂
My favorite part of the Shiseido Beauty Penthouse would have to be the facial suite.
The Shiseido Pampering Facial took about 20 minutes and it was undeniably the most relaxing 20 minutes of my day. It started with removing my makeup and then followed by cleansing massage and moisturizing. I’m kinda torn which I loved most; the relaxing massage that helped stimulate blood circulation or the fact that I got to try the newest, most advanced Shiseido skincare products, haha.

I actually got to try the Shiseido Ultimune for the first time. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers rave about it and now I’m thinking about getting one for myself. It is said to double (or even triple) the effects if your moisturizer or in my case, the Shiseido White Lucent Serum—my absolute favorite. I waaaant! ^_^

Now, you can’t expect guests to come inside the room with full-on makeup and walk out with bare face. Complete Shiseido make-overs are done by none other than the brand’s makeup experts of course, and using their newest products of course. It’s refreshing to have someone other than myself do my makeup. 🙂
Another Shiseido product I’m glad I was able to try was their foundation brush. Again, it has received a lot of praise online and I got to see why. It’s basically a flat top brush like a kabuki brush, but denser. It’s smaller, too, which makes it easier to use on areas like the sides of the nose and eyes. No wonder bloggers and makeup enthusiasts alike have nothing but good reviews on it.
On the third floor is a nice infinitely pool where guests can lounge by as they take in the beauty of the city view from the top. Beside it are more Shiseido product displays that are rather fit for the summer season. There’s also a personalized portrait shoot with professional photographers.
Located at the Penthouse Suite, 59th floor of The St. Francis at Shangrila Place, Shiseido Beauty Penthouse is open by invitation for a limited time for press, bloggers and selected VIPs. Shiseido really knows how to up the ante when it comes to beauty and treatments. This new Shiseido Beauty Penthouse really is a beauty paradise amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. <3
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