I’ve always wanted to go to Korea ever since I developed an addiction to Korean series back in high school. I would imagine myself drinking soju in a tent beside the street, walking around in full winter attire and indulging in nonstop shopping spree in Myeongdong! Well, guess what! I’ve already booked my flight!! Yes, I’m going to Korea this winter with my girl friends. Super excited! Hopefully my manager approves my week-long leave. haha <3

But until then, I am more than happy to continue shopping for my must-have Korean products thru the ever-reliable online shop, Althea Korea. Why wouldn’t I be happy when I get almost everything at such low prices? Althea Korea has been my go-to source of everything Korean since it was launched July of last year. I’ve talked about Althea Korea and their insane sales on my Instagram account countless of times so if you follow me there, I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of it. 😉

Althea Korea recently turned 1 year old, and what better way to celebrate it than by launching a very lucrative site-wide sale! Perfect timing, too. My skin is at its worst state in years so I decided to focus mostly on skincare products during my latest Althea purchase. I was hooked!

B&SOAP Black Block Set (RP: Php890 | SP: Php480) “A pore care charcoal cleansing soap. Also, it is hand-made all in one cleansing soap which cares dead skin cell, blackhead and sebum.”

My skin must have developed some kind of immunity to my usual facial wash which is why it doesn’t seem to work anymore. That said, I was determined to look for another product that will do the job, and after an hour of research, I came across the B&Soap which was heavily recommended by the online community. I ordered mine as a set so it came with a bubble maker case and a lovely pore facial brush. Oh my, I love the brush! The bristles are incredibly soft! I totally enjoy using it. <3

Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack (RP: Php1,800 | SP: Php980) “Exfoliating and purifying effect of pap ain enzymes that decomposes protein and cellulose powder. Effectively and smoothly cares for dead skin cells and oxidized pores for instant brightening effect.”

If there’s one Korean brand that never disappoints, it has to be Laneige. I have tried a handful of their skincare products and they work wonders for my skin! So this purchase is really a no-brainer. Laneige doesn’t come cheap but on Althea Korea, they’re not as expensive. I’ve only used 2 packets so far and my skin has already shown impressive improvement! Separate review on this soon! 😉

Etude House Angry Bird Edition Brow Gel Tint (RP: Php670 | SP: Php350)

This product has gain quite an exposure in the blogging community with a number of reviews from bloggers and youtubers alike. I’m very happy with my Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade but I have to say, this is rather interesting! Plus the limited edition Angry Bird packaging is super cute, too! I’m thinking about doing a full-on tutorial and review on this. Would you like to see how this brow gel tint works?

Mefactory 3 Step Pig Nose Pack (RP: Php170 | SP: Php80)

Ooohh! Why must all Korean products be sooo kawaii?! Isn’t it great how Althea Korea was able to introduce a ton of new brands at such low prices? Truckload of products are almost always on sale. Plus, shipping is often free for purchases Php1,500 and above so it’s always a great idea to order with friends to save on shipping cost. Share the undeniable bliss of online shopping! haha

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