I have awesome friends at work, but there’s something exhilarating about being surrounded by bloggers and professionals who are as enthusiastic about beauty as I am. That said, I was excited when Kojie San hosted a tete-a-tete in a posh French restaurant called La Creperie in Makati. The agenda for the day: beautiful skin, of course. <3

Hosted by the ever gorgeous Janeena Chan, Kojie San invited professionals like Dra. Lindsay Torralba to discuss the science behind beautiful skin and how Kojie San is more potent than soaps with papaya extract or even glutathione when it comes to skin whitening. Apparently, papaya soaps may reach a point where it will no longer be as affective whereas with Kojic acid, the progress is continuous.

Ms. Trisha Gregorio, Marketing Head of BEVI, was also there to talk about the background of the brand which I also posted HERE. Last but definitely not the least, makeup artist to celebrities, Ms. RB Chanco busted a handful of myths about skincare and makeup. For one, it is actually more important to use a skincare product based on your skin condition rather than your age. As she said, most products for those in their 50’s are often designed for dry skin but there are women who are still oily even at that age so it’s better to buy a product that addresses your specific skin concern than what the market says is suitable for your age.

With regular use, Kojiesan Soap can slow down melanin production and prevent darkening of the skin. It is best for treatment to even out skin tone, erase dark spots and other forms of skin pigmentations. Rejuvenate with Kojiesan Cleanser + Toner, equipped with Ginseng Extract and Rosehip Oil to revive tired skin, ridding the skin of excessive oils while repairing skin damage; brighten with Kojiesan Face Lightening Cream, a combination of natural extracts and high-grade Kojic Acid to lighten as it nourishes, restoring skin suppleness for a healthy, rosy look; and lighten with Kojiesan Body Lightening Lotion with advanced formula of Kojic Acid and Rosehip Oil – to whiten skin as it heals – and Collagen + Vitamin E to increase youthfulness and improve skin health.
The beach bum in me can never resist the sand and the salty waves. I was too busy discovering awesome beaches and enjoying my summer to even think about my skin color. Plus, I know Kojie San is always there to bring my skin back to its former glory. Yup, even after hours of island hopping and attempting to surf. Haha. True enough, I only need a week or two using the complete Kojie San skincare range to return to my normal skintone. I love how the lotion and the cream hydrates my skin while the soap works double time in lightening my overall skin color. <3

So, when it comes to your skin, you are your strongest advocate. Learn more and try Kojiesan and see how it should be your best choice in bringing your skin to light!

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