The ache to get lighter skin tone may very well be a part of our generation’s culture/norm. Don’t get me wrong; as much as I love my morena skin, I always have this urge to try skin whitening products hence the vast reviews of anything whitening-related on this blog. While some have proven to be effective, most just leave me disappointed. And honestly, Kojie San is one of the few that actually works.

Kojie San Lightening Soap first entered the market in 2007 as a flagship product from Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc. (BEVI). Kojic Acid formulation turned out to be the key ingredient in convincing whitening fans to become true believers. Today, Kojie San is the #1 Kojic soap in the country.

Whiten with Kojie San Lightening Soap (135g | Php68)

Oh, we all know how effective Kojie San Soap is. I know a lot of people who really vouch for this, and for a good reason, too! Well, what makes this effective is the high-grade Kojic Acid that prevents melanin production. It makes the skin lighter and clearer as it effectively diminishes dark spots, freckles, acne, plus stretch marks and unevenness so the skin is not just whiter; it also looks a lot healthier.

Rejuvenate with Kojie San Cleanser + Toner (100ml | Php75),

This is equipped with Ginseng Extract and Rosehip Oil that is perfect to revive tired skin every end of the day. It rids the skin of excessive oil while repairing damage. I appreciate how it is mild enough that it doesn’t sting the eyes, but still effective it removing stubborn makeup residue. Also, it doesn’t make my skin feel dry and stretched.

Brighten with Kojie San Lightening Face Cream (30g | Php120),

With the combined goodness of natural extracts and high-grade Kojic Acid, this promises to bring a healthy, rosy glow to the skin by restoring the skin’s suppleness. This rich cream glides on the skin without dragging. I initially liked how it doesn’t make my skin feel heavy nor grease upon application.

Lighten with Kojie San Lightening Body Lotion (200ml | Php262)

The advanced formula of the Kojie San Body Lotion is made lighter for faster absorption to lighten skin in less time. A great plus, too, especially during summer – no icky, sticky feeling! Coupled with Rosehip Oil, this is able to whiten skin and at the same time, heal it. Plus points for the collagen and Vitamin E components that helps skin elasticity.

Get a face so fair, a back worth baring and legs so alluring can be achieved with continuous use of Kojie San Lightening range! Are you a user of Kojie San lightening products? Share with us your lightening story and bring your skin to light with the country’s No.1 Kojic Acid soap this summer. 🙂

Products are available at leading supermarkets, drug stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide.


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