I received my BDJ box mid this week and I know this is late for an unboxing post since you probably already know what’s inside BDJ’s April Box. My internet connection has been unreliable for the past couple of days hence the late post.. but since I’m persistent and a bit hard-headed, I would still post my own BDJ unboxing and I would really appreciate it if you’d indulge me. LOL! Well, the main reason I want to post this still is that (1) I would just like to share with you how impressed I am with this particular subscription box and (2) to show you some of the things I’ll be reviewing in the coming weeks. 

What exactly is BDJ Box? For those of you who don’t know, BDJ Box is one of the first subscription boxes in the Philippines. For the price of Php 480 per month, you receive 5-6 items beauty products from premium brands handpicked by the BDJ Team. So basically for subscribing, you get random full-sized products, samples and even discount coupons which are worth 2-4 times more than what you really paid for! I personally think this is a great way of expanding your horizon and trying out new things without spending a lot. If you’re still hesitant whether or not you’ll get your money’s worth, well.. keep on reading and form your own judgement at the end of the post. 😀

For the longest time, I was very hesitant in subscribing to any box because like I said before, I want to know what I’ll be getting and what exactly I’m spending my money on. I never thought the added mystery would do me good so ever since subscription boxes hit the Philippines late last year, I never joined the bandwagon and subscribed to any box although I’ve been hearing a lot of good thing about BDJ Box. Needless to say, this box really changed my perception on subscription boxes.
I just love how neatly wrapped the box is. And look, they even put pink ribbon-like confetti.
Kudos for the effort!
Now let’s see what’s inside my April BDJ Box with the theme “Oh So Fresh!”.
Avon Anew 360 White Day Cream (Php 799, 30 ml) “White Radiance. Get rid of impurity, transform into flawless skin. Anew 360 White Day Cream is specifically designed for Asian women with its advanced formulation to help moisturize all-day long while reaching radiantly white skin.”
Of all the cool stuff inside my April BDJ box, I opted to start with this one because with this product alone, you’ve already gotten what you paid for; I’m talking about value for money here. What more if you add the value of the succeeding products?! 

Celeteque Hydrolized Moisturizing Mist (Php 349, 120 ml) “Fresh Spritz! Beat the heat with a mist. Use before makeup to prep your skin with a moisture. Celeteque’s Hydrolized Moisturizing Mist is formulated with Fuji water that contains minerals for skin rejuvenation, elasticity and suppleness. Use this is the middle of the day for an instant refresh.”

Revlon Nail Art Neon (Php 375, 7.68 ml) “Neon Summer! Splash your summer with colors! Ger bright and wild with Revlon’s limited edition nail art duos. Try out the latest neon colors on your nails and be in for summer colors!”

Garnier Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Mask (Php 89 each, 19 ml) “Glowing Beauty. Reveal radiant and hydrated skin with Garnier’s intensive 3 in 1 whitening essence mask. Its three major contents help lighten skin tone, remove dead cells, refine texture, retain water inside the skin for hydration. Great refresher for tired, dull skin, may be used before makeup! See a blooming, glowing YOU. For best results, use this 2x a week.”
Avon SSS Glutathione Lotion with Marula (Php 350, 250 ml) “Feel the difference! Infuse your skin with a powerful moisturizer! Avon’s #1 Skin So Soft Lotion is now enriched with Africa’s Miracle Oil – Marula, that deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin. Use this twice a day and feel the difference.”

Candi Nail Polish Remover Wipes (Php 65, 30 pads) “Nail Buddy! No mess, no spill – just easy to use. Meet your nail polish remover buddy! Candi helps you remove your nail polish hassle-free. It doesn’t just help you but it keeps you from dry nails and fingers. Its acetone-free feature transforms your nail time into fun time.”
Goody Slide-Proof Pins and Elastics (Php 449, 2 clips & 2 elastics) “Hair in Style. Fix your hair in style. Use a Goody classic-slide-proof bobby pins-to avoid hair kinks! Have a finely styled ‘do while avoiding unwanted pimples caused by hair covering your face. Use Goody elastics to tie your hair up and you are good to go!”
Samples, of course!
Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion (Php 419, 300 ml) “Cleanse and Nourish. Conveniently remove your makeup with the power of oil cleansing minus the oily feeling! Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is Japan’s first ever water based makeup remover that not only cleanses but nourishes deep down the skin. Use this to cleanse your face after a long day of wearing makeup.”

I’ve always wanted to try Bifesta Cleansing Lotions but I can’t bring myself to spend that much for a product I’m uncertain about. So yeah, this is one of the products inside the April BDJ Box that got me most excited.

Selena Eau de Parfum (Php 2, 950, 100 ml) “Fresh and Sweet. Embody the smell of fruity bouquet blending with musk, dewberry, and purple freesia notes. Selena Gomez’s head turning perfume is perfect for this summer scent as final touch to your outfit of the day. Embody the star’s fresh and sweet personality with Selena Gomez’s Eau de Parfum.”
Plus a whole lot of vouchers to boot!
Now that’s a total of Php 2,565 worth of products excluding samples and coupons! I’d say that’s helluvah deal for me. I’ve read that after the two exclusive boxes from the previous months, the benchmark was set a little higher than usual and that some of the subscribers were somehow disappointed with regards to the contents of this month’s box. As for me, I think what the BDJ Team is trying to do at this point is to give their subscribers more variety in terms of brand and products. Its like saying that there are other brands worth trying too that aren’t as luxurious or price-y as the former two brands, Shiseido and L’oreal. Personally, I’ve found affordable products in this box that I’m really consider buying when they run out.
To end this, all I can say is.. SIGN ME UP FOR THE NEXT ONES!
Yup, you read it right. I’ll be subscribing to BDJ Box so do expect a lot of unboxing posts in the future.

P.S If you want to see a review on one of the products posted above, let me know through the comment box below so I can prioritize it. *wink

How about you, what do you think of this month’s BDJ Box contents?
Comment them down below and I’ll see you on my next post!

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