Few weeks ago, I went to Suesh’s main branch in Greenhills to pick up the loot bags for my giveaway. I posted the picture on Instagram (follow me, I go by celline08) and on my Facebook fan page and the hype about the mystery loot bags was off the roof so instead of hosting yet another random giveaway, I decided to have a “member of the month”-y to keep this blog alive. And of course because I love reading your comments. Heheh. πŸ™‚
So to kick off my first ever member of the month giveaway, which I hope I can sustain over time, I will be awarding these awesome goodies to NOT ONE… BUT FIVE very active blog members for the month of August. 
FYI, the contents of all the Suesh loot bags are the same. They were picked by the SA. 
Customized Accesories from Manic by Purple Cow
“Manic is focusing on catering to special orders aka customized or made to orders, since I want to promote ladies owning their style and not be dictated by or resort to what is readily available in the market. Sometimes we encounter accessories that doesn’t fit well or color doesn’t match our personality right? Manic tries to offer a solution to those frustrations.” – Joy Puntawe, Owner of Manic by Purple Cow

Multi-purpose Necklace/ID Lace, Chained Bracelet and a very pretty Fringe Necklace.
Eco-friendly Accessories from Chimera Online
Bracelets and cellphone chains.

“Chimera On Line Shop started with 2 friends with pile of clothes…and beads… with an advocacy of creating eco-friendly yet fashionable clothes and accessories. Thus, they came up with CHIMERA- a fab fashion and accessory line where almost everything are upcycled to promote their advocacy.Lately we have added man made shoes, 100% eco-friendly washable bags and quality man made Marikina Items to complete the fabulous eco-friendly LOOK!!” – Krizia Romualdo, Owner of Chimera Online
Plus, I will also be adding a few more goodies in the basg for the winners. Just to add a little twist, the accessories and the additional goodies that will be placed in each loot bag will be at random. Meaning, each winners will get something from each sponsors but not everything. Also, they won’t know what’s inside the loot bag until they get it. Fun, right? πŸ™‚

To qualify, you MUST:
1.) Be a public member of my blog thru GFC.
2.) “LIKE” my blog’s fan page on Facebook.
3.) “LIKE” my sponsors’ Facebook Page
4.) Follow me on Twitter

I’d appreciate it if you could also follow my thru Instagram (celline08). It’s not mandatory though.
Lastly, be an active member of my blog by posting your comments, suggestions, reactions or just about anything on the posts that interests you. Comments from past and present blog posts are counted. But bear in mind that it should be substantial. I accept criticism but I certainly don’t tolerate rude comments.

And oh! I won’t be the one to pick out the winner. I’ll ask my sister or boyfriend to do it for me. Just to make sure there is no bias. πŸ˜‰ I think that’s about it! You can start by answering this,

What do you think of my blog’s new look? 
My boyfriend spent hours revamping my blog.  Hope you like it. πŸ™‚