Saving the best (or in this case, weirdest) for last. 
Since we were wholly dependent on natural lighting during this particular shoot, I was pressured to finish the most intricate look I designed in just 1 hour! Good thing my friend, the photographer, wasn’t a complete caveman! LOL! I was surprised that he knows how to curl hair!! No, he’s not gay — just in case you’re wondering. LOL! Anyway, we were able to shoot few frames before the sun went down. 
I present you the last and final set from the photo shoot.
Model: Danice Alfonso
HMUA: yours truly, Celline Reyes *wink
Photographer: Ser Tesorero
Location: UPLB

☒ WARNING: Picture-heavy post ahead! β˜’
Consider yourself warned… for the last time.
Yes, those are sequins on her eyelids. Very unconventional but cool, huh?
To be perfectly honest, I misestimated her eye sockets while putting the sequins on. Obviously it was a bit difficult for her to open her eyes wide. She was still great though!
I love this shot!
I guess that’s about it for our summer photo shoot. I do hope my friends and I could find more time to do this kind of shoots ‘coz I get to practice on people other than my little sister. πŸ™‚
So what do you girls think of this sequined look?
Not for everyday of course. LOL! πŸ˜€

BTW, just to make things clear,  we’re not professionals nor are we planning to make a serious career out of our past-time. We only did this for fun.