I personally don’t eat oatmeal. I just don’t like the texture. It feels like someone else already chewed it and spitted it out for me to eat. Yes, I know. It’s gross when I say it like that. LOL! But I finally found a new use for all the instant oatmeal my sister keeps buying every time we go out to buy groceries. 
You see, few days ago, I was randomly reading articles on foods that can lower the risk of cancer (apparently, cancer has familial tendencies) and I came across the oatmeal treats. According to the site, oatmeal has dietary fibers that are known to prevent cancer. Not only that, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces redness. 
Intrigued by this, I continued reading about other nutrients oatmeal has that might help my poor skin.
Here is a short list of the benefits of oatmeal facial:
– Reduces dryness by restoring natural balance of moisture on the skin.
– Provides gentle exfoliation.
– Removes dead skin cells revealing a smoother and softer skin.
– Treats acne, rashes and other various skin irritations.
– It has saponins, cleansing agent, which acts as mild soap.
Now for the do-it-yourself scrub and mask.
Step 1: Get a palm-full or 1 ½ tablespoon of instant oatmeal.
Step 2: Clench your fist and allow water from the faucet to run through your fist.No need to crush using blender or mortar and pestle. It won’t be rough on the skin since it will soften to a paste-like form after adding few drops of water. Plus, it will be more effective as a scrub.
Step 3: Squeeze the oats and use the juice to moisten face before scrubbing.
Step 4: Use the oats as a scrub by gently massaging it onto your face. Then, let it dry for about 15-20 minutes.
Lastly, rinse with lukewarm water.
TIPS: For really dry skin, add a few drops of olive oil. This will be harder to rinse but it will surely give your skin the moisture it needs.
And there you have it! Softer and smoother for less than Php 15.No need to shell out hundreds of pesos for scrubs and masks that are made mostly of chemicals. Though the instant effect is nothing compared to the long term result. Do this 2-3 times a week to achieve the baby-soft skin everyone wants.
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