My day job entails working up to wee hours of the night and so I somehow developed a very effective way of dealing with both the stress of the insane workload and sleep deprivation; my solution, ONLINE SHOPPING. It’s cheaper than booking flights and plotting travel itineraries, but just as therapeutic when it comes to lessening work-related stress.


One of my recent purchases was from this online site called BeautyMNL. You’ve probably seen it from a handful of beauty bloggers and Youtubers. It’s a typical online shop but with more diverse selection of products to choose from – both local and imported. It’s refreshing to see an online site supporting Pinoy brands just as much as Korean and Western brands. They also have high-end brands like Nars and Bobbi Brown as well as drugstore names such as Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Revlon.

Now, while I show you the beauty tools I got using my store credit, let me enumerate why I think shopping at BeautyMNL is fun:

1. They have A LOT of promos and discounted items which makes almost everything cheaper.


Case in point, this 5-set Oval Brush Set is regularly priced at Php2,000 but I got it for only Php899! 55% off, baby! I personally prefer paddle brushes for cream foundations but I don’t know how the other brushes would work out. So far, all 5 brushes are densely-packed and soft. I’m a bit concerned about the handles tho. They’re a bit too bendy, idk.


Allow me to share another nasty habit of mine. I don’t like washing my makeup sponges. I just throw them out when they’re too dirty to use so I don’t buy expensive ones. HAHA That said, I got a Nippon Pro Blend Sponge Kit (Php 400). It comes with two tear-shaped sponges that are half the size of the normal ones. They seem to be quite durable, too. It comes with a Dual Purpose Cleaner so I might as well start learning how to clean ’em. haha

Aside from the free shipping for orders above Php2000, BeautyMNL also gives out freebies. In my case, it’s the Creamsilk Dry Rescue Conditioner. Although I can’t really tell how my order qualified for the freebie.

2. They carry even the most hard-to-find beauty items.


Do you remember the Vera Mona color switch that so big in the makeup world not more than 2 years ago? It was a bit too expensive for a basic coarse black sponge so I decided to make a hard pass. Fast-forward to today, I was able to spot this cheaper alternative on BeautyMNL. This Shade&Swap Makeup Colour Swapper (Php299) looks almost identical to Vera Mona, works the same but costs almost half the price.

How it works: Basically, you just swirl your dirty brush around the surface of the sponge until there is no more pigment left on the brush. Viola! A clean new brush for applying a different color eyeshadow or even blending. No need to use different brushes. <3

3. This is, by far, the fastest delivery ever and I’m not even kidding!


I finalized and paid for my order while I was at the office at around 12 midnight and went home by 4am. And guess what? The package was delivered to the office way before I got back at the office by 12 noon of the same day. Insane! It took them less than 12 hours to verify payment, pack my order and ship it to my office in Makati. I can’t tell you how impressed I am right now!!

Well, what are you waiting for? Start shopping on now! <3

Comment down below and share with us what you bought! Or better yet, suggest what I should buy next!