Just as the “BER” months started, packages from different people kept rolling in. Since I stay at my dorm during weekdays, I only get to check my gifts during Saturdays. Mind you, it makes me feel like every Saturday is Christmas. I just love opening the packages! LOL! Anyway, here are some of the goodies Mr. Courier delivered last week.
You guessed it! This pretty little pink MAC lipstick was a surprise from Michael. He knew how much I wanted a MAC Candy Yum Yum and how utterly disappointed I was when I discovered that it was already out of stock. I still got the next best thing though. BF bought me this lippie online and had it delivered directly to my house. I even broke my nail as I giddily open the package. Yey! For my first MAC lipstick! I swear I’ll buy more.


This is the culprit! This is what triggered (again) my online shopping addictionand made me turn my back on my shopping ban. I was calmly browsing different Facebook pages when I came across Ate Myla’s shop, Fabshopaholic. She was selling it at a ridiculously low price. Imagine this retails for $54 or roughly around Php1500. Can you guess how much I got this for? This only cost me Php 950! That friggin’ cheap. I’m not joking. Visit her shop and check out more cheap authentic makeup goodies straight from the US.
Before becoming a blogger, I was also a loyal reader to some bloggers. But back then, I didn’t talk to them simply because I think highly of what they do. Not to exaggerate but I was really shy. Well actually, until now, I still can’t approach most bloggers at events. Anyway, since I started this blog, I kinda developed my people skills and help boost my confidence a bit. This “so-called” people skills and confidence eventually paid off as I felt more comfortable with talking (tweets and comment exchanges) to other bloggers. How exactly? I won Ina’s Member of the Month giveaway because of my kadaldalan. LOL!Look at all those facial masks! Ina really is one of the most generous bloggers I know. A big shout out to my panda friend, Ina! <3
I recently fostered this weird obsession with huge sun glasses. Why weird? Because I have a relatively small rounded face so I usually look like a bee whenever I sport that kind of look. But who cares?! LOL!  If I was to pin point the cause of this addiction, I would probably blame it all on the 3 Aldo shades Michael gave it. It practically started my collection. So when Firmoo emailed me, stating that my blog qualified and asking if I’m interested in doing a write up for their glasses, I immediately went straight to their sun glasses catalogue and picked this out. Now, I welcome this new addition to my growing collection.
I met with Aila of Makeup and My World the other day with the intent of gathering the prizes and discussing our huge Beauty Bloggers United giveaway this month. I got to see their publication office which was so neat and pretty. I just love the white and red motif. It was so me. LOL!Anyway, she handed me 3 BB creams — one was for review purposes while the other 2 was for the giveaway I was talking about earlier. It was so nice of her to let me try it. I’m actually wearing it right now. Thanks, Aila! Will do the review after I road test it for a couple more days.
Well, I think that’s about it. I’ll be sharing more by next week or the week after that since I can feel another huge wave of gifts and online shopping coming my way.

See you on my next post, lovlies! 🙂