Yesterday, I planned to finish the product shoot during the morning for most of the things that I need to review then edit them during lunch so that I can post 3-5 product reviews and How To’s during the day. Unfortunately, the rain and my dry lips (because it was uber cold the night prior) kept me from doing so. What I did was, I cooked lunch early so I can do the shoot whenever the sun decides to shine. Great plan B, right? Not! My brother decided we should celebrate my father’s 41st birthday by drinking while video chatting with him. I finally got the time to spend infront of my laptop but I didn’t have pictures to post.  F-A-I-L!
And if you follow me on Twitter (celline08), you’d know that I spent hours and hours on Sephora’s site while the lazy side of me took over. You see, my father allowed me to use $200 from his credit card to fund my Paypal account. Hello early Christmas shopping! *happy girl πŸ˜€

Anyway before I get ahead of myself, let me show you some of the gifts I received the past few days.
I apologize if the photos look too processed since I just grabbed them from my IG account. 
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When a representative of their brand contacted me thru e-mail and offered to send me products to treat acne (not that I’m suffering from severe acne case), I accepted thinking that it was some kind of a cream or ointment. To tell you honestly, I was a bit hesitant to try it out after knowing that it was some kind of food supplement that is supposed to be taken twice a day. Good thing Ms. Donnarence of My Lucid Interval did a post about it which somehow removed my hesitation. Anyhoo, I’ve been using this for days and I’m trying to document the changes on my back-acne before recommending it to my little bro who is more pimple-prone than me.

I’m seriously loving my MAC lipstick in MOXIE so when Fabshopaholic announced the crazy clearance sale, there was not a hint of hesitation as I reserved this last MAC lipstick for only Php 860. If you haven’t checked out that page, I strongly suggest you do. Tons of makeup goodies are sold at bargain price!
I’m always just so excited to try out products from Korea. Not just because of the growing trend in the market and their KPop bands but because I’ve always always been jealous of their clear almost-porcelain skin. I know it has something to do with their weather and things like that but trying out their skincare and other beauty related products couldn’t hurt, right? Hehe. Well, according to Ms. Marge of Kikay Trekkie, the Catalina Geo primer is actually from Australia thought the writings on the box are in Chinese. LOL! I’m loving the Magic Eye Solution though. πŸ™‚
Last but definitely not the least,

Remember when I posted how much I want to own a Sigma brush set on my 7 Deadly Sin Tag post? Well, my boyfriend is rather fast in checking that off my to-buy list. BUT I’m not allowed to use it just yet since it’s not yet our monthsary. He said it would be unfair if he allows me to use his monthsary gift before the 8th so here I am, patiently waiting. LOL! By the way, we got this from Makeupholics for Php 2,600.

then, that’s all of it. I’ll go back to shopping at Sephora, ELF and MAC now.
Oh wait, I still have to write my wish list for Christmas. Yeah, I know. It’s a
bit too early for that but BF is too excited to start crossing them off as
early as now. Seriously, I have the best boyfriend. LOL! πŸ˜€
What’s on your pre-Christmas list?

Let me know and I might just have room for it in my online cart.