Oh my, the scheduled posting-thingy didn’t work. Boo! I’m beginning 2014 with backlogs – so lame! Anyway, although it’s not ideal, I might as well publish the second part of my Best of 2013 post. Check out part one, skincare, HERE.

I’m obviously not great with words nor am I a talented artist so if I have to pick one medium where I can ultimately express myself, it would be with the help of makeup, no questions asked. My sheer curiosity and eagerness to learn more about makeup and beauty in general unexpectedly brought forth a lot of opportunities I never thought possible for someone like me. I don’t mean to say that I have accomplished a lot already because compared to other bloggers, I obviously haven’t. But when measured on my own stick, I’d like to think that I’ve achieved more than what I expected from myself this year.
Okay, okay. I’ll tone down the melodramatics and proceed to my top makeup picks. I’ve had my fair share of makeup products last year – some worked out great, others not so much and in rare cases, caused me nothing but headaches. I won’t dwell much on the last category though but if you want to see my “miss list”, I’ll make time for it. For now let’s continue with the good ones. πŸ™‚
This Ben Nye Neutral Set right here is often overshadowed by its sibling, the famous Banana Visage Powder. I, for one, think this is leaps and bounds better than the latter – like you won’t believe. It sets the makeup in place, keeps the face matte and oil-free for hours!

For a BB Cream, EH BB Dation offers incredible coverage and staying power. It’s almost like a foundation but 10 times lighter on the skin. I like how it evens out my skintone with minimal layering and how it makes my skin look radiant with its dewy finish.


This, by far, is the best primer I’ve used. That actually says a lot because I’ve tried several high end brands as well. What makes L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base my top pick is its consistency. It’s soft and smooth – the mousse consistency acts as fillers to minimize the appearance of lines. Thus, creating a more flawless canvass. Not only that, it also keeps my makeup intact.
I can’t stress how much this product has been overlooked. I didn’t expect much from this Essence I <3 Stage because it was rather cheap for a decent product. But lo and behold, it was nothing short of being amazing. Essence I <3 Stage makes my eye makeup look more alive with color. Plus, it gives my eyeshadows something to grab on making them last longer. It works as concealer too – it offers buildable coverage that isn’t prone to caking and creasing. All for only Php 189! How cool is that!

This isn’t exactly over-the-moon incredible but compared to the ones I’ve tried over the year this one has the slimmest tip (great for creating lines with varying intensities), deepest kind of black and the tip itself doesn’t dry out fast so I was able to use this for what seemed like 3-4 months. Additional point for being super easy to use! πŸ™‚


Honestly, any Maybelline mascara would qualify here. They’re the best I’ve tried so far – volumizing, lengthening, minimal fallouts and they’re quite affordable. Need I say more?
I’ve been aching to get my hands on the cult-favorite, NARS Orgasm & Laguna Bronzer Duo, but since my fund is a little short this year, I didn’t dare splurge on it.. not just yet. Instead, I opted for the next best thing, ELF Blush Duo as I call it. The blush shade has theses tiny gold specks that flatters my morena skin and an amazing bronzer that is makes contouring a breeze.

Say it or not, Wet ‘N Wild was big this year. And I personally like how Wet ‘n Wild has this huge range of shades to choose from – Barbie pink, gothic plum, sophisticated nude.. you say it, they probably have it. πŸ™‚ They aren’t the best in the “wear time” department but they’re pigmented and affordable. I don’t know about you but that’s good enough for me! πŸ˜€

I was honestly torn between this and Lioele Blooming Pop but this won over the latter simply because its color is more vibrant and the doe-foot applicator is easier to use. There was a significant gap in the prices (this one being cheaper by a hundred) although staying power is almost the same.
This has been my favorite on-the-go powder for the longest time. It has decent coverage, commendable wear time and is available in almost every supermarket, drugstore and department store in the country. I like the matte finish and although it isn’t much, it helps control oiliness too.
The coverage isn’t much but it’s buildable. What makes it great is that its lightweight and it doesn’t crease as much as my other concealers. Also, the shade is just right for my undereye area; it doesn’t appear chalky at all. Its wear time is a bonus.
GNY Cream Foundation is not just my favorite for 2013; it’s my ultimate favorite! If you’ve seen my separate review on it several months ago, you won’t even dare wonder why. It can be a bit expensive but the tub contains so much product that it could last for years. The flawless dewy finish is lovely and the coverage is just divine! It can coverage any imperfection you wish to hide and it looks damn good in photos! <3
Amongst all the makeup products on my 2013 Wishlist, this was the only one I bought. No, I don’t regret buying it even one bit. It has a nice narrow spoolie for a wand which makes shaping for thin brows neat and breezy. The pigment really sticks to the brow strands and stays put for hours.

If I say that this is the 3rd time I repurchased this, would you be swayed to believe just how great this local product is? HAHA. Well, it really is. I’ll be writing a review on this soon but for the meantime, know that it has great color payoff and so is its staying powder. With a few feathery strokes, I can finish my brow routine in less than a minute. Although not sweat- and smudge-proof, it is still better than average. Even if you brush it off with a clean spoolie, the color remains.

Eyeshadow Palette: URBAN DECAY NAKED 1
School and internship calls for neutral eye makeup and nothing beats Naked palette in that category. It has all the shades I need for my everyday look and so much more to experiment with. The shades are just lovely and they’re very pigmented too. It just what I need! <3
And that’s a wrap! That’ll be all my favorite finds for the year 2013. I hope you get to try them too this year. I’m telling you, they’re totally worth every centavo, for me at least. πŸ™‚
Cheers to an amazing 2013 and here’s to hoping for a better 2014. <3