Before we wrap up 2013, allow me to share with you some of my top picks this year. It would be overwhelming to force everything in here so, instead, this’ll be a 2-part post: skincare and makeup. If I have more time to spare before the clock strikes 12, I might also write one about other miscellaneous products that I loved.
Without further ado, here’s a quick rundown on my most raved skincare products this year. This goes without saying but I do, in all accounts, recommend this to you as well. Click on the product names to be directed to my in-depth reviews. Let’s begin. πŸ™‚

I’ve been using and repurchasing this ever since I got a travel size version from my BDJ Box some time ago. I don’t have a particular favorite variant as they all work well for me. Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is as gentle and light as water but it’s tough in removing stubborn makeup. It doesn’t sting or blur the vision which makes it great for removing waterproof mascara as well.
I have a lot of favorite facial washes this year but this got to be on the top of the list – my list, at least – because it’s very budget-friendly. It lathers nicely and it removes stubborn makeup residue. And it does so without leaving the skin feeling dry.
This is my HG toner. Every time my skin starts to look troubled with pimples, milia and the like, I go back to this for about a month or until my skin goes back to normal. It helps clear and calm my skin. However, it has the tendency to dry out the skin when used continuously so I have to alternate this with my Ponds Pore Conditioning Toner.
Reviva Collagen Serum is not like your regular serums. It’s thicker, heavier and richer than usual. Also, it’s only used every other week. I’d like to think that it improves my skin’s elasticity since I noticed that ever since I starting using this, the fine lines around my mouth and under my eyes lessened. My skin look “bouncy”, if you know what I mean. πŸ™‚
I’m not sure if this would be categorized as a moisturizer but I use it as such so that’s how I’ll call it. I’ve been using this religiously during the last quarter of the year and I can really see dramatic improvement with my skin. Breakouts are less likely to occur despite the constant change in my living environment and it makes my skin supple. I am still yet to write about this product though. πŸ™‚
Again, I know this isn’t supposed to be used as a moisturizer but, like I said, to each their own. Whenever my skin feels dry, I substitute m regular moisturizer with Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX until my skin returns to its normal state. It gives my skin that instant hydrated and refreshed feeling that I absolutely love. Also, it makes my skin look more radiant the morning after. πŸ™‚

Lucas Papaw is the king of all multi-purpose products on my desk. I mainly use it as a lip balm because of its moisturizing properties – it relieves cracks caused by dryness. But other than that, it is can also be used for insect bites and burns. Cool, huh?

I’ve had this tube for almost a year now and I still can’t believe I haven’t emptied it out yet. I love how this product works in 2 ways: it work as a gentle exfoliating scrub and then it can be left on the face for 15-20 minutes as a mask. It’s effective, too, in removing dead skin cells and blackheads around the nose area. Whiteheads, not so much though. In some cases, it has actually helped dry out pimples. All that in one hefty product!

What’s skincare without sunblock? One thing I learned this year is the grave importance of applying sunblock before heading out. I really took it to heart and made sure that I apply sunblock every morning. I use this Nivea Invisible Cooling Mist when I expect intense heat exposure like when in the beach or a possible walk-a-thon because it’s light on the skin and it doesn’t feel greasy. For the face, I use Nivea Sun Whitening Collagen Protect with SPF 50 PA++.

This keeps me company when I stay up late at night. I prefer keeping it refrigerated so when I use it, the slight coldness soothes me and adds to the relaxing vibe. It’s affordable, too, at Php 89 per pack and it helps prevent puffiness the following morning.
Do I even have to elaborate on this? Check out my detailed review and see how it was able to dry out and minimize my humongous pimple in a matter of days. It stings especially when applied on broken skin but it really does work, for me at least.
I’ve tried several sessions of Diamond Peel this year and I assure you, PMD works just as well! It costs a bit much at first but if you look at it in the long run, PMD is such a steal! Basically, PMD works to lighten scars and reveal brighter skin by removing the dead skin on the surface. This is definitely the bomb!
That’s it for my top skincare picks for the year 2013. What are on your list?
Wait up for the second installment of this post. I still have to juggle writing that one up while people in our household prepare for our New Year celebration. πŸ™‚