Before I start, I would like to disclose with all honesty that I’m not a professional in brow shaping nor am I claiming to be one. I myself am also in the process of rehabilitating my brows to achieve the perfect shape. And I’ll gladly share the insights I’ve learned about brow shaping through workshops and endless research online.
So here goes…
Our brows frame our eyes, define and enhance our facial features.So achieving the perfect shape is practically the key to balancing our features, making our eyes look less droopy and in some instances, correct unevenness. You have to admit, when your brows are improperly shaped, they cause more bad than good to your face.Below are some of the brow shapes you must stay clear of.
First, over-plucked brows.

This is the common mistake of women in their 30’s or 40’s (Imagine Lily Van der Woodsen’s brows from Gossip Girl)and also those who have tattooed brows.Barely-there brows (left) and tadpole brows (right) makes you appear older by adding years to your look. They make your eyes look stressed and your lids puffier as it leaves the brow bone naked. Very unattractive, eh?
Next, exaggeratedly high arcs.

Most people have this misconception that the higher the arc is, the more glamorous they’re look will be. WRONG! Pre-mature high-peak arcs give you this very hard unapproachable look for it makes you facial features stronger and more prominent – not in a good way though. Again, it makes the side of your lids puffier; your nose look bigger and in extreme cases, even distorts your eye shape.
Lastly, arc-less brows.

Moving on to the exact opposite of the exaggerated brows, look at the two arc-less brows from the illustration above. The brow shape on the left give you a blank expression-less face while the downward sloping brow on the right makes you look sad. Need I say more?
TIP: If you’re shaping your brows for the first time, seek professional help. After achieving your desired brow shape, you can just maintain it by plucking the stray hair that pops up. No need to pay hundreds of pesos for professional services every other month.
There you have it — the most common brow shaping No-No’s. A lot of brow shaping tutorial videos are easily accessible but I’ll try to make my own illustration for it.
Credits to my boyfriend for the brow illustrations.

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