Yesterday I was invited to CanMake’s exclusive makeup workshop at The Wine Museum. I was really excited to attend especially when Ms. Arbee told me that they will be launching the brand in the Philippines soon. If you take a trip down memory lane, I did a review on CanMake’s award winning product, Eye Lash Care Essence (Read review HERE) a while back. That essence is now a staple part of my evening routine and it’s great to know that when it runs out, I can easily repurchase it locally. Yehey!

CanMake obviously aims to bring the Japanese quality and the kawaii concept to all over Asia and the rest of the world. Just look at their set up for the event. Their centerpieces were filled with colorful candies that truly matched the concept and packaging of most of their products.
Few information about the well-known Japanese brand as discussed by Kaori Anzai, Merchandise Section Chief of CanMake Japan.
CANMAKE started in 1986. It is a brand endorsed not only by teenagers and young office workers, but also by professional makeup artists. The reason lies in our consistent concept of “Cute, High quality, and Reasonable prices. The number of repeat customers is increasing daily. In the past few years, Canmake have expanded into the Asian markets, and moreover as part of our promotional activities, we operated local websites, placed magazine ads, and conducted in-store promotional campaigns for new product launches.
Currently, Canmake is available in most Asian countries; 64 stores in Hong Kong, 412 in Taiwan, 35 in Singapore, 29 in Malaysia, 212 in Korea, 49 in Thailand, 8 in Myanmar, 16 in Russia and of course loads more in Japan. Canmake will soon open its first exclusively distributed store in the Philippines this 2013!
After a short background about the brand, Japanese Makeup Artist, Toshimi Itabashi, begun demonstrating how to recreate the famous Sweet and Natural Canmake looks. Like Korean makeups, Canmake’s goal is to enhance one’s natural beauty without looking too made up.
My usual problem with foreign Asian brands, particularly Korean, is that most of the time, their darkest shade of BB creams and foundations are still tad lighter than my skin. So it’s really awesome that CanMake has foundation shades that would fit my morena skin. I know because they used a model with almost the same skintone as mine and her face makeup looked so natural.
With the lovely and talented ladies behind CanMake and my friend, Minerva.
It’s fun to see how enthusiastic they are about the brand. Ms. Kaori Anzai introduces the product while MUA Toshimi Itabashi teaches us how to use it plus some other tricks in applying them. Then two other ladies (again, sorry I didn’t get their names) try to explain the product further. I like how the tall Japanese lady shares the trend in Japan and how she tries to explain them in English. I remember her saying, “this mascara will make your lashes taba. What she meant was that it gives volume to the lashes. It’s super cute how she runs out of English words then she uses Tagalog instead. So adorable! <3

After the workshop, we were given the chance to play with ALL their products. A roll of Bdellium brushes and other makeup tools were available too so we didn’t pass up the chance to try everything. To say it was fun was really an understatement. Allowing me to play with that much makeup is like taking a 5-year old to Toy Kingdom and telling him you could open and play with everything. LOL! They had a lot of promising products especially for the face and eyebrows. While I tried them on one by one, I kept adding more and more to my “to buy” note for myself. If you must know, my list includes their BB cream, eyebrow gel, liquid liner, the mascara in the pink tube, candy wrap lip gloss and the eyebrow setting thingy that looked like a clear nail polish – sorry I forgot the name.
I already had makeup on but I decided to do a quick retouch for my meeting. My dark circles were already showing so I used ONE layer of CanMake’s BB cream as a concealer. Look at the difference! I’m seriously blown away!!! <3
Aside from their amazing products, it was said that their price point will be between Php 250- Php1,000. That’s pretty affordable, if you ask me, especially if you consider its quality and cute packaging. 

Feast your eyes on the delicious-looking products of CanMake. 🙂
I love the power finish of this cream blush. It’s very soft and pigmented.
One thing I noticed from yesterday’s swatching is that their BB cream offers better coverage than their foundation. I don’t know why exactly.. but I’ll try to review both when it comes out in the market. 😉
I got to try the other shade, Honey Brown, I think. And it was very pretty. That one’s definitely on my “to buy” list.
I didn’t get to try these but their Candy Wrap Lip Glosses was really nice. 🙂
They won’t be available until June. But here’s a picture of their proposed concept for their store here in the Philippines. Sorry about the blurry photo; I just grabbed it from their PowerPoint presentation.
Very dreamy, isn’t it? The carousel setup for the eyeshadow display reminds me of Cinderella’s pumpkin ride. I honestly can’t wait for their launching. I hope their stores would look as pretty as this. <3 It would be like I’m shopping for makeup in a fairy tale land. LOL!
Did this post make you all excited for the launch? Well, I for one am excited to get my hands on their BB cream. I can’t stress how amazed I am with the coverage. As in seriously!
For the meantime, see you in June, Canmake! *wink

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