Snail-themed skincare products are now becoming mainstream as Korean brands one by one introduce their own line centered on this main ingredient. But what inspired this trend exactly? The active ingredient came from snail slime and shell that is known to contain synthetic-free components that are good for the skin such as Allantoin that helps the skin regenerate faster, Collagen and Elastin to enrich skin elasticity, Glycolic Acid to remove dead skin cells and of course, Protein for softer more supple skin.

Now imagine harnessing all these natural goodness and putting them inside a bottle. Convenient, right? Well, that’s ideally the plan of every other snail line. Let’s see if this line from Hayan Korea delivers its promises. I used this entire Snail Recovery line for almost 2 months – I stopped using it almost 2 weeks ago simply because I ran out of serum and intensive cream already. I believe that alone says how much I like this line up. πŸ™‚ 

For this review, I decided to use the entire Snail Recovery line just so I can assess the range as a whole. I was actually aiming on maximizing the result from the line and to really show you its optimum potential which is great for evaluating the line as a whole but not the products individually as I can’t pinpoint which product led to which result. 

That being said, let’s begin with the ultimate rock star of this line up, ok?
Product Description:
(Taken from Hayan Korea’s E-Brochure)
Hayan Aesthetic Snail Serum (Regenerating and Renewing), Boosts skin repair and the elimination of harmful bacteria that can cause acne and other forms of irritation. Snail mucin encourages new cell growth as it clears dead and dying cells and open clogged pores. It restores youthful skin texture and evens out over-all skin tone. Skin is simply reborn. Price: Php 370 (Regular Price, Php 700)
Hayan Snail Serum comes in a very attention-grabbing, green bottle that has a distinct laboratory feel to it – probably because of the cool dropper for dispensing the product. Not only is the packaging aesthetically pleasing but it is also very hygienic. The dropper seals the bottle tightly preventing any foreign objects such as dust and dirt to contaminate the product. Also, it allows a more controlled dispensing of the product without having to dip your fingers inside the bottle every now and then.

The only concern I have about the packaging is that when the serum runs low and eventually reach a certain level, the dropper would be useless as its tip would no longer be able to touch the serum so as to store some of the serum in its tube. So once the serum runs low, my only choice was to not use the dropper anymore and just pour the serum out of the bottle. But other than that, the overall packaging is still very cool. πŸ™‚

I just love everything about this serum. The packaging is, again, very interesting, the choice of dispenser (a.k.a the dropper) is convenient to use and the serum itself is incredible. It’s light and watery so it goes on the skin effortlessly. Also, this makes it easier for the skin to fully absorb. I like that it doesn’t leave the skin feeling heavy oily or greasy at any rate. It’s not sticky too. As for the smell, you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t have any pungent nor overpowering smell. It does have a faint scent that’s difficult to describe but do take my word for it, it’s very refreshing.

Personally, I like putting on a small amount of serum on the palm of my hand using the dropper and then slightly spreading it on my clean hands before gently dabbing it on my face. This not only helps blood circulation but also speeds up the absorption process.

Next in my skincare routine is the Snail Intensive Cream.
Product Description:
(Taken from Hayan Korea’s E-Brochure)
HAYAN Aesthetic Snail Intensive Nourishing Cream, troubled and irritated skin needs extra moisture and care!  Sudden increase in sebum due to stress and environmental impurities can create havoc on your skin which can result to dryness, rough patches and enlarged pores! Hayan Moisturizing Snail Cream has snail extracts which revitalize the skin, making it clear and fresh. Mucin, the primary component of snail cream, helps the skin regenerate. Furthermore, the added plant extracts protect the skin from free radicals and helps retain moisture. Price: Php 350 (Regular Price, Php 580)
This milky white Intensive Cream is housed in a durable glass jar with a metal screw-lid cap. The jar as a whole is very heavy and not-at-all travel-friendly. It quite bulky too so it’s really not made for overnights and out-of-town trips. One thing I would like to commend about the packaging is that it was able to give a very high-end feel. It looks more expensive than it really is, I give you that.
Unlike my regular moisturizer, this Snail Intensive Cream is very milky and runny, consistency-wise. It’s light on the skin and it’s quickly absorbed by the skin as well. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling heavy whatsoever. It takes a few minutes for the skin to fully absorb this but after that, it is as if nothing was applied in the first place. Actually, it’s so light that I don’t mind layering on more of this cream during times when I feel my skin is drier than usual.
Because of its consistency and overall feel on the skin, I’d say this would be great for both dry and oily skin – but not for those with extreme skin conditions. It’s hydrating to the skin and at the same time, it won’t contribute to excessive oil production. Plus, since it’s light, it won’t cause your makeup to cake.
 Lastly, I do spot treatments. One thing I can’t forget is to apply eye cream and in this case, I’m using Snail Eye Cream, too.
Product Description:
(Taken from Hayan Korea’s E-Brochure)
Hayan Snail Eye Cream, the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. The first signs of aging usually occur in this area. Wrinkles develop after skin becomes dry and loses elasticity. This cream has a specially formulated combination of snail extracts and adenosine which are known for their anti-wrinkle benefits. Moreover, its nourishing and moisturizing effects remain long after its application. Price: Php 450 (Regular Price, Php 780)
This comes in the same heavy-duty glass jar that goes with the whole green Snail Recovery line. It has the brand name embossed on top of its screw-lid cap making it look even more expensive that it really is. All necessary details regarding the product are, again, found on its box.

The Snail Eye Cream is rather heavy for my preference. It’s slightly greasy when applied too. After a few minutes, the skin absorbs some of the cream but still leaves a significant amount on the area. It shares the same smell as the Intensive Cream only stronger. Don’t worry though, the scent wouldn’t irritate or cause your eyes to tear up.

I personally don’t prefer such heavy eye cream but I’m pretty sure those with extremely dry skin around the eyes would very much appreciate this. If you find your makeup flaking near the eyes, that could be a sign of dryness in the area. You might want to prime the area using this eye cream.

TIP: It helps if you gently massage the cream on the areas around the eyes during application. Do this using your ring finger and by applying very minimal pressure. The skin around the eyes is very thin so be careful not to tug it as this could cause premature lines.

 RESULTS: (Click photos to enlarge)

Need I say more? Hayan Snail Serum and Intensive Cream was not only able to heal the horrendous wound I got from popping my disgusting pimple but it also helped my skin recovery so much faster! Who would’ve thought that a scab that huge and noticeable would not leave a scar behind. In less than 2 months, almost no trace could be seen. I’m really impressed by this duo. They’re incredible in healing pimples and minor breakouts. My skin also became softer and suppler throughout use. However, they are not as good in preventing them so I strongly suggest using a good facial wash and toner when using Hayan Snail Serum and Intensive Cream. 

The Intensive Eye Cream is good but not as effective as the Serum or the Intensive Cream. As you can see, the area under my eyes isn’t as dark as before. It is very moisturizing – I noticed some of the dry patches near the outer corner of my eyes lessened. Although it did pretty much nothing to the lines under my eyes.

NOTE: I stopped using Hayan Snail Recovery products almost 2 weeks ago (like I said, I already emptied the two) which explains my new pimples. Bummer! I’m currently using something new.. but if they don’t work out, I’ll probably repurchase Hayan Serum and Intensive Cream.

Available at: Hayan Korea Stalls (SM, Starmall and Victory Central Mall)

Have you tried anything from the brand, Hayan Korea, before?
What Hayan product do you want me to review? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do. πŸ™‚
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