Ever since I started work last month, I realized I needed to incorporate as much anti-aging products in my daily skincare routine as humanly possible. I started using anti-aging serums when I turned 21, but I never really committed to it. I’ve only been working for a month and I can already see changes in my skin; my skin looks duller, feels slightly rougher and I can definitely notice a lot more fine lines forming around my eyes. And it isn’t even the busy season yet!
That said, I decided to totally scrap my entire daytime skincare routine and start anew. And because I’m focusing more on the anti-aging stuff, I decided to do it one brand/range at a time. You know how I feel about using just one skincare line at a time. I honestly think this is the best way for me to optimize the results as well as really see if it works for me. My ever-so bubbly lola has been religiously using Olay for more than a decade now. She doesn’t look half her age, but still very pretty. Mana mana lang yan. HAHA!
So there wasn’t really any argument as to what brand to try first. Of course it has to be Olay! For one thing, it was available almost anywhere and the price isn’t bad at all. It is a bit expensive that most drugstore brands, but it won’t cost you an arm or leg. This is actually a two-part Olay post, more like capsule reviews. For now, I’ll just focus on the anti-aging stuff because this is what I really need at the moment.
I’ll do it in the other of how I use them. First would be cleansing, of course.
This is the affordable version of the cult-favorite, Clarisonic. This kit basically includes the electric face cleanser, the brush head and a sample tube of the Olay Regenerist Skin Perfecting Cleanser. Unlike the other face brushes I’ve used before, the Olay Regenerist Face Brush rotates in a full circle instead of oscillating back and forth. It has two buttons: on/off, and the other one sets how fast or thorough the brush would rotate. I personally prefer the gentler setting just because I find the other one to be too harsh on the skin.
Although the rotation itself is a bit too harsh for my preference, the bristles on the brush head is rather soft. And because the bristles are somewhat long, it actually lessens the strength of the rotation, keeping it gentle on the skin. But I would suggest refraining on putting too much pressure on the handle to avoid the brush from tugging on the skin.
I absolutely love this facial foam. I love love love how mild it is on the skin and how gentle it foams up. A pea size really goes a long way. It has a faint scent that doesn’t resemble that of a soap in any way. It is light and subtle, and I love it! With the help of the brush, it cleanses my face thoroughly as it removes every hint of makeup residue. However, it does make my skin feel tight and when used every day. Which is why I only use the brush 3 times a week, at night, and the facial foam twice a day, morning and night.
Can I just gush about the packaging of this Olay Renegerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence (Php 1,399) for a minute. I mean, look at it! It’s simple and gorgeous – and not just because I love the color red. The bottle comes with a screw cap that, when loosened up, has a small silver pump on top that helps dispense the serum through the dropper. I love how controlled the dispensing of the product is. <3
The serum, like most, is clear and light. Consistency-wise, it is thick that it almost feels like a thin gel. It has barely any scent, too. Having said that, it is easily absorbed by the skin, and it doesn’t leave any kind of oily film on the skin. It makes my skin feel supple but without the trace of any product being applied. Instead of directly applying it on my face, I like warming it up on my clean palms before patting it on my face. I’d like to think this helps breakdown the product and promote better absorption. 
Now for the tricky part of my new skincare routine. Tricky because I rarely use cream moisturizers such as this. I often opt to use emulsions or other water-based products since I noticed that heavy creams triggers milia formation, in my case at least. By the way, milia is much like whiteheads but it is more deeply seated in the skin that it is difficult, not to mention painful, to extract. So no, I stir clear of moisturizers as much as possible.
That said, I was very hesitant about trying the duo that comes with the Olay Regenerist Serum, but my eagerness to try the combo got the better of me.
The Olay Regenerist Moisturizer (Php 399) is indeed very creamy, although surprisingly, not as heavy on the skin. There is a noticeable oily film immediately after application but after a few minutes, it is absorbed by the skin and what’s left is just a subtle sheen. In my case, I blot whatever’s left on my face before applying makeup to prevent my makeup from caking.
It has almost the same scent as the serum but a tad stronger. It is very moisturizing on the skin as well. I can say that for a cream moisturizer, it is nice and all, but I won’t stretch it as much as saying that it is better than my usual water-based moisturizer. I would, however, recommend it to those with dry skin because it really does soothe dry patches and I’ve my skin an overall moisture boost.
I’ve been religiously using this set for more than a month now and I’m about to empty both the facial foam and the moisturizer, both are just samples by the way. My skin doesn’t look as dull and tired as before BUT I haven’t seen any drastic change, of course. We know very well that these things take time, years even! But since it does a pretty decent job in helping my skin cope with the sudden change in my work schedule, environment and sleeping pattern, I’m very hopeful that eventually it will reduce the fine lines around my eyes, at the very least. Good anti-aging products are always a great investment. 🙂