As more and more foreign brands make their way to our mall shelves, it becomes rather difficult for a brand to set itself apart from others. And with one glance, I know Cathy Doll won’t have such trouble standing out; not with its playful cartoonish¬†packaging. More about this girly new brand after the jump. ūüėČ

Introduced as a brand that is heavily influenced by newest Korean offerings, Cathy Doll is also said to work with cosmetics research institutions and global manufacturing leaders in Korea to create beauty remedies and innovations. Surprisingly, Cathy Doll products are competitively priced and packaged in the fanciest designs to satisfy our visual appetites. For price point reference, their cheapest product (6mL sachet) is sold at Php18 whereas the most expensive product as of launch date is the premium Snail Cream/Serum amounting to Php999 which can still be considered as affordable, IMHO.

Cathy Doll currently has 6 product lines under its umbrella: L-Glutathione Magic Sun Screen (contains L-Glutathione to effectively whiten skin while protecting our skin against UV with SPF 50 PA+++), CC Series (a whitening series that¬†corrects skin color and effectively control oil; available in powder and cream), Ready 2 White (a¬†series that also brightens skin through advanced Nano Encapsulation technology to lock in moisture), Geisha Series (Japanese‚Äďinspired collection of eye and lip make-up designed to bring out the most intense colours of life), Snail Series (Snail Pink and Snail Bright products contain Mucus Extract for tightening, firming and pore-reduction) and Splash Series (formulated with Onsen mineral drops, Arbutin, L-Glutathione and goat milk for instant whitening).

Cathy Doll is a total eye candy that represents every girl’s kawaii side. The feminine colors and charismatic packaging characterize posh and dreamy girls on the lookout for the sweetest avant-garde look. Focused on categorized product concepts, the brand paints a pretty picture of delight through its illustrations of joyful and cheerful cartoon dolls. Not only are the products charming to look at, but they also guarantee to bring out the most beautiful doll in you with its effective and sometimes instantaneous results.

During last month’s media launch, attendees were greeted by fun stations where we could win products from the different lines. The games weren’t really complicated or competitive in nature but I did have fun. Who doesn’t want games and makeup, right?¬†I honestly don’t regret skipping work to attend the event. HAHA

I actually feel quite privileged to be one of the first few people to experience Cathy Doll before they hit big in the market. I have to admit, the Chili Bomb range got me most excited. Let’s see how this would help in my weight loss journey. <3 I can’t wait to share my thoughts on the new products. In-depth review soon! ūüėČ

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