I’m baaaack! It’s been a while since my last post, I know. Moving in to our new house and college graduation took most of my time the other week but what really caused the delay in posting was Sky Cable’s inefficient service. I mean seriously, it took them more than a week to transfer our cable and broadband connection. It would’ve been fine if say, we moved to a different municipality or even subdivisions but heck, we moved 2 blocks from our old address! How annoying is that! >.<

*Breath in, breath out* Okay, on the lighter note, I’m back with another haul for ya’ll. And it’s not just any haul post, it’s a shoe haul! It wasn’t my plan to post this initially but while I was organizing them, I realized I accumulated 13 new pairs in the span of 2 weeks. Darn, I’m 1 pair short of getting a pair for each day. Haha. Most of these are gifts and the rest was from my shopping frenzy last week. I do hope you enjoy checking these out and knowing where to score affordable shoes. Clue: Payless. πŸ™‚

Blue Pointed Flats from Payless (Php 368, On Sale) This pair of flats was actually the only thing I was supposed to buy from Payless that fateful day because I simply can’t pass on sale items. I started fitting other shoes until I ended up paying for FOUR pairs. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though, because the total was still below Php 3000. πŸ™‚
Mint Blue Rubber Shoes from Payless (Php 675) I’ve been getting more and more addicted to this kind of blue. I just love it mixed together with the pink and white lace – they’re so easy and refreshing on the eyes.
 Green Peep Toe Stilettos from Payless (Php 1250) The color alone is enough for me to buy this pair. I realized that I have tons of black dresses and what better way to balance the dullness than with brightly colored shoes! <3
Gold Pointed Stilettos from Payless (Php 500, On Sale) I already have a pair of pumps in the exact color theme but this deal is too good to pass up. Plus I think this would go well with jeans and a cute boyfriend shirt. Talk about drab to classy with this elegant pair. πŸ˜‰
Black Slingback Stilettos from Payless (Php 1150) I bought this a couple of days before the 4 pairs above but from the same branch. Not really my favorite from the bunch – too much ouchy for my feet! I wore this to my baccalaureate mass and graduation and I was seriously cussing after the last ceremony. They look fab but totally not worth it, believe me.
Pink Wrap-Around Sandals From Celine (Php 699) Now here’s one that’s perfect for summer. This lovely pair is just as laid back as it could get but the wrap-around strap is super adorable. I actually bought this for the Revlon Summer Luau in partnership with the BDJ Box. I even got a nice dress to match.. I didn’t expect my early morning appointment at Matrix would take that long to finish so yeah, I didn’t make to the event. Boohoo!
 Okay now these next 5 pairs are from New York sent by my tita ninang (with love, of course). <3 They are a little more formal and, dare I say it, boring compared to the ones I got for myself but perfect for the corporate world. Oh my, I feel so grown up. HAHA. 
Nine West | This has got to be my favorite amongst the ones she sent me. It looks formal but the minimal design still makes it cute when worn. Plus I never taught this kind of brown could be flattering to my ugly feet.
 Me Too | Honestly never heard of this brand before but it’s very comfy so why not. πŸ™‚
 Rockport | The queen of all formal shoes. I still can’t imagine how I’d incorporate this to my wardrobe because I keep picturing myself as an old librarian with this pair! I dunno why because on its own, it looks nice.
 Rockport | Another pair from Rockport but not as corporate-looking as the one above. The color is a bit off for me but then again, this brand is said to be very durable so I’d like to put it to test. πŸ˜‰
 Wooden Sandals from Fergalicious | Last pair from tita ninang is this chunky pair of sandals. It fits like a glove and very summer-worthy! I’m surprised how light it actually is, given that it’s wooden and all. I’m definitely wearing this to my next event.
Last 2 pairs I’m going to share with you are pasalubong from Papa who came home just in time for my graduation. He already gave me tons of stuff for my graduation so I wasn’t really expecting more shoes but heck, I wouldn’t say no to shoes as long as they fit! πŸ˜€
Lilac Floral Flats from Nine West | Another ballet flats to add to my rack. I’ve been getting tired of heels and so are my feet.. thank heavens for comfy flats!
Sneakers from Coach | My favorite from the ENTIRE haul! This deserves a spot next to my Steve Madden pumps! <3 Yes, I don’t own that many designer shoes.. but soon, though. *wink! I don’t just love the brand, I love the color, the fit and the fact that Papa’s choice in shoes and clothes is actually improving. HAHA. I remember a couple of years back, he would buy us stuff from expensive brands to get us excited only to realize how hideous they are despite the brand name. *Papa’s shopping skills, +99999*  
That’s it for my long shoe haul. Sorry for the background, though. I didn’t have time to find a better background so I used the new sofa as my backdrop. HAHA. I’ll let you in a little secret.. I’ve started trying out OOTD posts although I still don’t have the guts to post ’em. Maybe soon. πŸ™‚
So what do you think of my shoe haul? Know any good place to shop for cheaper, quality shoes? Let me know by commenting down below. Thanks a bunch! πŸ˜‰