Even the last of my busy schedule in school couldn’t stop me from attending Colour Collection’s Hot Hues event with Sample Room a couple of weeks back. I’ve missed a lot of events since December last year but not this one. Colour Collection has been one of my top picks for local makeup brands ever since I started using their Vitamin E Lipsticks. After that, their Whitening BB Cream with SPF30 (Read review HERE) became a staple in my everyday makeup kit. So when I got an invite to witness the launching of their new shades for this summer, I decided then and there that I will have to miss school for it. HAHA! All for the love of makeup, mi chérie. <3
Aside from the new shades, Ultimate Wear Lipstick still comes in its classic hues that can doll up every woman in an instant. For afternoon dates, you can radiate that sweet and sassy vibe with lipstick in pink tones like Kiss & Tell, Boudoir Pink, and Heartbreaker. If you want to look effortlessly beautiful and go for that au naturale look, nude tones can do the trick with Naked Peach (my current fave!) and Love Me. And why not show your sexy side during nights out with bold and darker shades like Catwalk, Hot Summer, and Plum Promise? Aya of Codename Aya rocked the Plum Promise look during the event so I’m definitely giving that one a thumbs up.
Let’s see what your lip shape says about you. Mine was said to be round so.. does that mean I’m naturally charming and I find joy in making other people happy? What’s your verdict on this? *wink!
Upon entering the roof deck of the Holiday Inn where the event was took place, the artist painting near the balcony immediately caught my attention. I mean, her painting was amazing on its own but then I was told that she was using nothing but Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipsticks for her creations, I was like “for real?!” Now the lipsticks really have me hooked. The colors are so vibrant that I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea. I was dumbfounded, to say the least. I’m not into a lot of artsy stuff but I appreciate talent when I see one. If this isn’t real talent, I don’t know what is. <3
Here are her other works. These were raffled off at the end of the night. I had my fingers crossed throughout the raffle as I silently prayed to take home the one in the middle. I already had a spot picked out for it in my soon-to-be room but unfortunately, I didn’t win. Boohoo. But it’s okay because I didn’t bring my car to the event and I don’t want to commute carrying the canvas.
If you think the artist was the best part of the event, you guessed wrong. The main event was a makeup demo with none other than Bianca Valerio. I don’t know if I said this before but I first saw her during the Philippine Fashion Week a few years ago when I was with my tito’s makeup artist friend, Jim Ryan Ros – who, incidentally, is also the Senior Makeup Artist of Maybelline. Okay going back to Bianca Valerio.. I remember her pretty well as she was the only model that time who insisted on doing her on makeup. As in she came in with her amazing blonde hair, asked what the “peg look” was and did her own thing. I didn’t know a lot about her that time but she was incredible. I even bought her book, Face to Face. That reminds me, I should have brought the book with me to have her sign the it pala. Hihi. <3
I wasn’t fooled by my first impression of her. She was indeed very talented. I wasn’t expecting to learn a lot from a launching event but surprisingly, I picked up a handful of tips and tricks in makeup application that, if you think about it, is pretty much common sense but it makes a helluvah difference when followed. One, in particular, is the vertical application of lipstick to fill up and evenly color the lips. I’ve always been bothered by the nooks and crevices on my lips – now I know how to deal with them. 
Another thing I wasn’t expecting was her fun and quirky personality – I’ve always imagined her to be snobbish – you know the sosyalera type – but that wasn’t the case. She was a very fun host. Oh, did I mention she looked like the modern day Poison Ivy from Batman with her blazing red hair and green number? I died of insecurity. HAHA. Just kidding. 🙂
*drools* I wouldn’t mind sitting infront of this setup all day. This actually inspired me to replace my old orange makeup traincase. This time it has to have lights and all. Yup, I bought Casey, my pink traincase last week because of this. I could just sit infront of Casey all day playing with my makeup. Ahhh the life of a bum. HAHA!

These palettes hold a lot of promise. They look very basic but the shades are gorgeous and very pigmented. I got to take home one but I haven’t really used it yet. I’ll let you know what I think when I do a get a chance to use them. 🙂 Oh, these palettes aren’t the real star here.. wait ’til you check out their lipsticks. They have a huge range of shades available and the packaging is quite nice as well. Read my full review on these Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks HERE.
Looking for something that lasts longer? Ultimate Wear Lipstick’s got you covered. It has a staining effect that gives your lips that luscious color for up to 8 hours. Its rich moisturizers in lightweight formula glides on easily, keeping your lips nourished and conditioned all day long. 
With summer’s endless events and activities, having a slim and handy packaging makes it easy to carry. Plus, choosing the perfect shade for any activity becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Ultimate Wear Lipstick’s unique see-through window. I’m totally loving the pigmentation and staying power of these lipsticks. Review on these babies soon. 😉
Sophie Uy discussing Sample Room’s partnership with Colour Collection. What? You don’t know what Sample Room is?? You’re missing half of your kikay life. Head over to www.sampleroom.ph and just might score a FREE lipstick. 😉
Sophie and the rest of the women behind the success of Sample Room with the gorgeous Bianca Valerio. Thank you for inviting me.. it was a very fun afternoon filled with makeup and girl bonding.
Sadly, this is the only photo I took of myself with another blogger. Say hi to Sam of Dishy Sammy. On the plus side though, I got to bring home an awesome loot to boot! Lipstick galore and even the best sellers from Bianca Valerio’s makeup line under Colour Collection. I gotta say, I’m cray cray for the packaging. :*
Since I won’t be able to show ’em to you right now, here’s a quick teaser courtesy of our blogger’s press kit. *wink! I’ll review them once I get a better hand on my new camera. 🙂
This season, Colour Collection presents its five new summer-ready Ultimate Wear Lipstick shades: Headturner, a show-stopping pink color that packs a punch; Temptress, an irresistibly sexy deep red shade that attracts romance; Queen Bee, a bright red shade that spells power; Bellissima, a lively coral shade that brightens your smile; and Angelic, a soft rosy nude color for everyday wear.
Standout with the classic Ultimate Wear Lipstick shades, Naked Peach, Boudoir Pink, Love Me, Kiss & Tell, Catwalk, Plum Promise, Hot Summer, and Heartbreaker.
Colour Collection glams up another exciting summer season by sharing its latest beauty must-have! With shades that fit every mood and every occasion, today’s modern women can once again unleash the confidence from within and rule the summer season.
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