Yesterday, I went straight to Alabang Town Center after my
Cost Accounting class to pick up my new 18-pcs. 
Suesh brush set I won from My Kiss and Makeup’s Comeback Giveaway. I was
super excited to claim my prize as I am planning to join yet another makeup
contest online (more on this some other
Unfortunately, when BF and I arrived, it seemed like the staff there
was not informed about the pick up so I was told to come back. I wasn’t dismayed
about the delay at all since it gave me more excuse to check out other beauty
boutiques which BF is not exactly happy about. Oh well, it’s not like he has a
choice. LOL! By the way, I’ll show you my
new awesome brush set in a different post.

Anyway, as I was browsing pictures on Instagram (yes, I do that while strolling the mall),
I saw the photo Valerie posted and her cute little lash case caught my eyes. As
fate has it, that exact same lash case was available at Daiso which is almost
next to Gong Cha! Booyeah!!
Here’s my mini haul for the day:
By the way, for those who aren’t familiar with Daiso, it is a Japanese store that sells everything for Php 88/99/66.
LASH CASE | Php 66

Last month, I think, I posted my faux lashes haul and you
could just picture how many lashes have gone missing in my room. It made me
felt really silly about not planning to buy a case for my lashes earlier. LOL!Now, I can reuse my faux lashes.

I have more than enough pairs of faux lashes at home to last
for months but that’s the problem, they’re at home whereas I stay in Cavite, at
my dormitory so I have nothing to use actually. Plus, I wanted to try these
band-less lashes. I bet they look more natural then I ones I already have. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I also
saw this pair from one of Ms. Donnarence of My Lucid Interval’s posts.


It’s no secret how much I suck in putting on faux lashes.
That’s why I bought several boxes months ago; to practice. But it seems like
I’m not getting better at it. Arggghhh! Oh well, I how this little contraption
helps me. Oh please, please, please.

No, I’m not sick (other
than my recurring Blepharitis, that is)
and I’m not under medication. I
just needed a handy container for when I decide to depot my lipsticks. I
thought about using individual pot-like containers but I figured bring 2-3
different shades at a time would be such a hassle. I bought this medicine boxes
instead. I can bring the whole thing for makeup appointments or single rows for
personal use. Neat, huh?
What do you think of
my cheap haul?
See you on my next