3 days before my birthday! Is it weird that I’m counting down the days to my birthday as if its as important as Christmas? HAHA. I’m not really excited about my birthday, I’m excited about spending it with my family and then shopping for gifts with my boyfriend after the intimate lunch. It’s been our “sort of tradition”.. shopping on my birthday. And like I said, I sooo love shopping for gifts. 🙂

Oooh! Speaking of gifts, I got an early birthday/Christmas gift from the mail the other day. It would be utterly pointless for me to ask you to guess it because, duh, it’s obviously BDJ’s Elite Box Holiday Edition. Yehey! If you know someone who is a beauty enthusiast like me, get her this exact box. I’m sure she’ll love you for it. <3

I know most of you have already heard of BDX Boxes and how it works. But for the benefit of those who are new, here’s the catch: you pay a monthly subscription fee of Php 580 and then you’ll receive a well-curated box right at your doorstep. Everything in it is a surprise but rest assured that the products’ worth inside your box is waaay more than the fee you paid. Based from my experience, the contents’ value could go as high 5 times the actual value paid which is pretty amazing, if you ask me!
To up the ante, BDJ Box also releases Elite Boxes every other month or so. From the name itself “elite”, it’s obviously more expensive than their ordinary monthly subscription box but, of course, the products inside the Elite Boxes cost more. For a Php 1,880 box, you get more than Php 6,000-worth of products! Best part is that the contents of each Elite Box will be posted before it is opened for subscription – you can immediately decide if they’re worth your money. 🙂
I’m terribly sorry if I sounded too enthusiastic for a second there. I’mgenuinely a huge fan of BDJ Box. I swear, not only did I subscribe for months but I also encouraged my cousins to do the same. It’s one of the best and most cost-efficient ways to try new products and brands without spending a lot.
Okay, moving on.. this month’s Elite Box is L’Oreal-exclusive. It contains nothing but the most high-end products of this well-known drugstore brand. I’m most excited about trying the hair oil. It looks very promising, don’t you think? 🙂
Excited to see what I got from my Holiday Glam Extraordinare box? 🙂
Revitalift Anti- wrinkle + Firming Night Cream (50mL, Php 845) – Wake up with a refreshed, radiant and younger looking skin each morning with this unique nighttime moisturizer that does the anti-wrinkle and firming action while you sleep! Fight the signs of skin aging in just 4 weeks.

Youth Code Pre-Essence (30mL, Php 1,495) – This booster treatment restores all of the skin’s youthful strength and transforms skin’s quality to a deeply moisturized, incredibly softer, fresher and more refined skin in just one drop!

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil (100 mL, Php 499) – Clever mix of active ingredients, the formulas Made from 6 precious floral oil extracts supply the hair with dazzle, nourishment, softness, and shine- all with a light touch.

Shine Caresse Wetstain in 801 Princess (6mL, Php 595) – Shine Caresse’s ultra-light fluid texture immediately melts onto the lips for a long-lasting moist-effect combined with completely unprecedented comfort and freshness, redefines shine with an all new sensation of soft, moist lips.
Color Riche L’Or Sunset in LE Cannes Collection R402 SMokey Rouge (3.9g, Php 625) – New limited edition L’Or sunset by color riche with shimmering bronze and glimmering copper to give you that stunning marble looks.

Lucent Magique Highligher Pen in Fair (1.6mL, Php 725) – No more imperfections with this 1st Touch of Light concealer pen. A magical touch-up pen infused with breakthrough Liquid Light Byron technology. Corrects and illuminates the 5 main areas of fatigue and imperfection. Light up every detail, every contour.

Color Riche Les Nail Art Sticker in 004 Pearly Dress (Php 395) – For the 1st time in 3D, L’Oreal offers a full nail art sticker range for the most avante garde nail look. So quick, so chic. Nail art has never been this easy!
Revitalift Night Essence (Sample Size| 30ml, Php 995) – Its breakthrough Dermalift technology is designed to stimulate your skin’s natural lifters and revive your skin’s firmness and elasticity. Wake up to ultra-firm, extra-smoothed and amazingly younger skin from the first morning.
Revitalift Laser Serum (Sample Size| 30ml, Php 1399) – This renewing anti-aging cream has 3% highly concentrated Pro-Xylane with intensive triple action that helps refine pores, correct lines and tone skin. The soft, silky serum fuses with the skin to visibly transform skin texture. 
Color Riche Les Vernis in 403 Femme Fatale (5mL, Php 199) – The 1st gel inside nail polish with incredible colors and shine. 18 modern and fashionable shades, from basic timeless colors to trendy hues. Its fashion in a flash!

L’Oreal Makeup Pouch (Php 300) – Easily bring your beauty essentials with you all the time, with this make up pouch from L’Oreal Paris. It has a built-in mirror so you can quickly check your makeup while on the go.

That’s 11 products in total (9 full size and 2 deluxe samples) from my December L’Oreal-exclusive box. You know I’m all about the math so let’s compute how much its worth? Ding ding ding! The contents of the box is worth Php 5,678 – excluding the samples – and you can get this for only Php 1,880! Money-wise, the September Elite Box (Read my unboxing HERE) is worth more but given that some, if not most, of the products in this Holiday Box is actually the high-end products of L’Oreal, I believe it’s worth it. For me personally, I like this more than the previous Elite Box. But hey, to each their own. *wink!
As always, if you want to see a review on one of the products posted above, let me know through the comment box below so I can prioritize it. How about you, what do you think of this BDJ Box contents? Comment them down below and I’ll see you on my next post!
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