Do you know the color of your undertones? Well, if the answer is no hold on to your hat – this is the one thing which could really make a change to your life. It may sound trivial but if you know colour of the undertones of your skin it will help you to pick the best make-up, the best clothes and know precisely how to make best use of what nature gave you.
If you don’t know the shade of your undertones then it’s time you found out. Here’s how:
• Wrap yourself in a white towel / bathrobe and stand before a mirror which has good lighting. Wrap a white towel around your drape and hair something white within the background. All things in sight should be as white as possible except your face. Now take a long, hard look at your complexion. Does your skin have a blu-ish tinge? If you can see blue which means that your undertones are cool. Your undertones are warm and in case your skin carries a green-ish tinge then your undertones are neutral if your skin has a yellow tinge however.

• Now try the jewelry test. Hold up a bit of yellow gold jewelry and a piece of silver / platinum jewelry and discover which suits you the best. Never mind which piece of jewelry you prefer, which actually suits your skin tone better? In the event the silver / platinum jewelry brings out the ideal in your skin you have cool undertones and when both look equally fantastic then you have neutral undertones if the yellow gold jewelry looks fabulous on you then you certainly have warm undertones.
• Now look into your wrists and forearms and in particular the veins which run just beneath the surface of the skin. If you are able to then look into the veins, stand in direct sunlight. Should they be blue / purple colored then you have cool undertones, if they are yellow / olive you have warm undertones and if they are blue / green then you have neutral undertones.
At this point you should have a fairly accurate understanding of the color of your undertones. Now what? It can assist you to choose the right colors of makeup (particularly foundation even when employing a makeup airbrush kit). Here’s a guide:
Warm undertones – need to choose gold / bronze / earth and copper tones whenever they pick out eye shadow shades to really reveal their beauty. Choose a warm peach / coral blush and an orange based red lipstick to complete the picture. Foundation should be yellow or peach based for the best effect.
Cool undertones – people with cool undertones should opt for silver / magenta / gray / pink / jewel tones with their eye makeup and a cool pink / rosy blush to complement it. Choose a red lipstick which is blue based and pink based foundations. You should really notice the difference.
Neutral undertones – individuals with neutral undertones are definitely the lucky ones – they can wear anything they want to. You can wear whatever makeup takes your fancy and matches your mood. Of course it is important that you don’t try and mix n match the tones so if you choose a yellow based toner don’t select a pink based foundation.
Whatever the colour of your undertones, check out the makeup airbrush kits plus other fabulous equipment available at Now that you know your undertones you can really start to enjoy yourself with colors – the colours which can enhance the best in you.