I’m a very lazy person and there’s no denying that. It’ll take an army to force me to wake up early in the morning to go for a run and a great deal of self-control to stop munching on random food while I watch TV. Yes, I’m that kind of girl. And to make things even worse than they already are, voluptuousness run in our family – there’s no escaping that! 
That said, it would be rather foolish of me to refuse an offer to try something that promises to help me lose weight without lifting a finger. Ladies and gents, let me introduce to you (again) an easier alternative to shed those baby fats and double chins. Haha. Over summer vacay, I had my face and arms done at Dr. CRB in BGC. I’m quite excited to share the results with everyone but I don’t want to compress everything in one lengthy post so I decided to come up with a two-part RF diary type of logs. Obviously, part one would be the face. ๐Ÿ™‚

Radio Frequency or RF Treatment, in short, is a non-evasive procedure that makes use of RF waves to contour the body. It aims to sculpt and help firm up the body – best part is, it can be used in different body parts. There’s no problem area too big nor too small for RF. ๐Ÿ™‚ Dr. CRB has state-of-the-art machines for their RF Treatments and if I remember correctly, I’ve tried 4 different RF machines from their clinic alone. Each session, for the face, costs around Php6,000-7,000 at Dr. CRB. I admit, it’s a bit costly but still justifiable given the results. ๐Ÿ™‚
Reshape PRO was the same machine used for my first RF Treatment. You can read about my first session on my previous Dr. CRB post HERE. As mentioned on my previous post, Reshape PRO’s temperature is constant at 40 degrees but the power varies – 70W for the face, 100W for the arms and 120-130W for the tummy area. It comes with a gun-shaped tool with what appears to be a roller on the tip. A little bit of oil was applied on my face before proceeding with the treatment to help the tool glide on the skin better.
Of all the RF machines I’ve tried, Reshape PRO takes the longest to reach the goal temperature although I don’t think this greatly affects the result. Personally, I think first timers would like Reshape PRO better as it gives them more time to adjust to the heat and just get used to the process as the small increments in temperature become almost unnoticeable. Remember the experiment about putting a frog directly in a tub of boiling water as opposed to putting it in luke warm water and then boiling the same eventually? Same principles apply.
UltraCavi is a multi-PF System that has both RF and Ultrasound technology in one machine which makes it more effective in burning the excess fat – this was used on my arms, too. Compared to the former, UltraCavi heats up faster. UltraCavi, unlike Reshapre PRO, has different handsets depending on the problem area – for my face, the bipolar piece was used (left most) and for my arms, the flat metal plate (ultrasound) plus the hexapolar hand-piece.. we’ll get to later on another post.
Each session is started off with the application of cream, gel or oil depending on the machine to be use. And like the first session that I had, the hand-piece started rather warm and gradually increases its temperature until it hits its goal of 40 degrees. 
Given that it is a Radio Frequency Treatment, you can expect it to be hot as it melts the fats away. There’s a little discomfort especially when the metal part rest on an area for a second too long so the therapist really had to be in constant motion. She focused more on the lower part of my jaws and chin for I have been accumulating A LOT of extra baggage there and also on the hollows of my cheeks to make the cheek bone pop more in comparison. Also, she told me about doing the forehead, too, to make the face look smaller though I didn’t actually notice it.
After each session, my face felt warm and red as it resembled that of mild sunburn of some sort. No need to worry, though, because it only takes 20 minutes for the redness to fade. There’s absolutely no down time after the treatment – you can just wipe of the excess cream/gel and then put on makeup again. Each session takes about 20-30 minutes, if I’m not mistaken, so even if you’re a busy, busy person.. you won’t have a hard time squeezing this in your normal schedule – if you work around the area, you can have it done during your lunch break and then go back to the office after as if nothing happened!
Hanging on the edge of your sits yet? I’m sure the photos below would do the trick. Behold, my before-and-after photos for my RF sessions at Dr. CRB. Again, I don’t edit photos. If you need a little more convincing, you can check my backlogs and see my FOTD’s for the past months. ๐Ÿ˜€
 The first photo on the left was taken during my latest visit at the L’Oreal Academie in preparation for my graduation so that was March. That was when my weight peaked, actually, because my dad was home for a month-long vacay. Did I tell you he’s an incredible CHEF? Yeah, that explains why I’m THAT fat. You can see how bloated I was then – double chin, chubby cheeks and barely any jaw.
The second photo was after my second session with Reshape PRO. You can check out photos from my first session HERE. You can already see a great deal of improvement when it comes to my double chin but my cheeks are still chubby. RF Treatments for the face are advised to have 3-4 weeks interval so I had to wait a couple of weeks then before I could have it done again – no matter how much I wanted. Seriously, at this point, the results were so dramatic that it became a bit addicting.
Photo on the left was taken a few weeks after my second session. I didn’t change anything about my diet, sleeping pattern and overall lifestyle so a little bit of the weight did come back as expected. I was so looking forward to the next session to shed off the unwanted weight I gained yet again.. but that time, I have decided to try to keep the weight off.
The third session with Reshape PRO went well and I actually lost more than the previous sessions. I guess it was because my body, or should I say face, was getting used to the regular treatment. And at this point, I had it done every 3 weeks instead of 4. After the third session, I still had a bit of fat popping under my chin but my cheek bones became rounder and more prominent when I smile. [Refer to top photo, right]
Here’s my before-and-after photo for my final RF session for the face. This time, UltraCavi was used in place of the Reshape PRO. Between the 2 machines, the latter showed more advanced results, in my case at least. My jaw line is more defined, no more chubby cheeks and a more pointed chin.
I don’t think I have to emphasize how effective the RF sessions was for me.. just scroll through the photos again and let them speak for themselves because there’s no way I could’ve done that to myself. Haha. I just wish I could’ve maintained it but that’s just impossible with my stress eating and all. I’m telling you, review school does bad things to your body, very bad things. One month in and I already gained 2 kilos. It’s just depressing. Well, at least I know I still have a chance to get back in to shape. With the help of RF treatments, there’s still hope for me. HAHA. See you on my next RF Diaries post!
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