This second part of my RF Diaries is a couple of months overdue. I have no excuse for that; I’m terribly sorry. It’s been sitting on my drafts folder for months since I don’t know exactly how to finish the post. Anyway, now that I’ve been to several other derm clinics and tried different RF treatments, I think I can now make a very good assessment. Let’s see. πŸ™‚
Radio Frequency or RF Treatment, in short, is a non-evasive procedure that makes use of RF waves to contour the body. It aims to sculpt and help firm up the body – best part is, it can be used in different body parts. There’s no problem area too big nor too small for RF. You’re probably aware how bothered I am with my “bat arms” so I was more than willing to try the RF sessions on my arms. πŸ™‚

First Session: March 21, Venus Freeze
Lost: 3cm (from 8.7inches to 8.4inches)
During my first RF session, we used the Venus Freeze RF Machine. I was told that it’s actually a dual-acting machine wherein it starts off by breaking down the fat content before ultimately burning them down with the stabilized heat that reaches multiple tissue depths. That said, it is ideal for both skin tightening and cellulite reduction.
Throughout my entire sessions, Venus Freeze is the most effective in terms of circumferential reduction. It was pretty impressive, to say the least. After getting promising results from my first session, I had high hopes for the following sessions.
Second Session: April 4, Reshape PRO
Lost: 2cm (from 8.4 inches to 8.2 inches)
Reshape PRO was the same machine used for my first RF Treatment for the face. You can read about my first session on my previous Dr. CRB post HERE. As mentioned on my previous post, Reshape PRO’s temperature is constant at 40 degrees but the power varies – 70W for the face, 100W for the arms and 120-130W for the tummy area. It comes with a gun-shaped tool with what appears to be a roller on the tip. A little bit of oil was applied on the area before proceeding with the treatment to help the tool glide on the skin better.
Of all the RF machines I’ve tried, Reshape PRO takes the longest to reach the goal temperature although I don’t think this greatly affects the result. Personally, I think first timers would like Reshape PRO better as it gives them more time to adjust to the heat and get used to the process as the small increments in temperature is almost unnoticeable. Remember the experiment about putting a frog directly in a tub of boiling water as opposed to putting it in lukewarm water and then boiling the same eventually? Same principles apply.
Third Session: April 16, Alma Laser
Lost: 0cm (still 8.2 inches)
This huge Alma Laser worked like the preceding two machines. However, after this third session, I became quite concerned because not only did the circumferential reduction went downhill from the first to the third session but there was literally no change at all after the third session. This was when I contacted Ms. May regarding the matter because I didn’t want the sessions to go to waste. According to her, this is expected because the first layer was already melted and ultrasound is needed to breakdown down the second layer into smaller, more manageable pieces to enable the RF’s heat to melt them faster.
Imagine tiny ice cubes in a bucket and then compare it to a huge block of ice. Which do you think would melt faster when placed under direct sunlight? The same goes here, I guess. So for the following sessions, they included another step before the RF treatment itself.
Forth Session: May 3, UltraCavi
Lost: 2cm (from 8.2 inches to 8 inches)
Ultrasonic Cavitation destroys intractable fat cells by using low frequency sound waves. It is a multi-PF System that has both RF and Ultrasound technology. Compared to the former, UltraCavi heats up faster. UltraCavi, unlike Reshape PRO, has different handsets depending on the problem area – for my face, the bipolar piece was used (left most) and for my arms, the flat metal plate (ultrasound) plus the hexapolar hand-piece. The ultrasound was done first. It had a slight buzzing sound but you can hardly feel anything. The RF using the hexapolar followed immediately after. Like the other RF machines, it heats up quite fast but still no discomfort.
Fifth Session: May 16, UltraCavi
Lost: 2cm (from 8 inches to 7.8 inches)
Total Loss: 9cm (from 8.7 inches to 7.8 inches)
Like I said, I was hesitant to post this because the results are a bit discouraging BUT after doing some research and going to other clinics for the same treatment, I learned that the arm area is actually one of the most difficult areas to sculpt. To get a better gauge of the situation and asses how difficult it really is, I compared the results to the ones I got from another clinic that I shall not name.. or I’ll just call it Clinic X. πŸ™‚
Anyway, I went to Clinic X for 4 sessions with regular interval of 2 weeks each session. This is slightly cheaper than that of Dr. CRB but the results was very disappointing. After 4 paid sessions, I lost less than 2cm! Compare that to the 9cm I lost from my 5 sessions at Dr. CRB. That’s a huge difference!
Dr. CRB has only state-of-the-art machines for their RF Treatments and if I remember correctly, I’ve tried 4 different RF machines from their clinic alone. Each session, costs around Php6,000-7,000 at Dr. CRB. I admit, it’s a bit costly but still justifiable given the results. πŸ™‚
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