All throughout my college years, a nearby 7 Eleven store has proven to be a life saver whenever I feel lazy to go to the mall for food or during those late nights that I decided to cram for an exam or schoolwork. I could always run out wearing a plain shirt, shorts and my hair up in a messy bun to buy a hotdog sandwich (or two) and several bottles of energy drink – I got sick because of those energy drink, by the way. Anyway, it’s always great how that store introduces new products from foreign companies within arms-length to people who are in a hurry. And how they make it available almost in all branches.

I’m telling you this because not long ago, 7 Eleven added a new line of drink that makes my late night run for drink worthwhile and not sickening! Sappe, the genius creator of the cute and chewable drink I’ve been loving for almost a year now, Mogu Mogu, came up with another line that will surely cater to beauty junkies and health conscious fellas like me out there. And it’s called, BEAUTI DRINK – I mean, it can’t get more obvious than that! *wink

SAPPE Beauti Drink comes in two very healthy flavors: Collagen for beautiful skin and Fibre with L-Carnatine for better digestion. (Available at 7 Eleven for less than Php 40 per bottle) 
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Normally our body can productively generate Collagen by itself until the age around 30, and then the production rate gradually declines and causes the skin to loose its moisture. In order to maintain the skin’s moisture and avoid skin shrinkage and wrinkles, it becomes necessary to substitute the self-generated Collagen by the intake of extracted Collagen – generally from chicken skin, pig tendon, cow tendon or fish scale. I can’t imagine myself pigging out on those so here’s a better solution; the source of high quality and highly effective Collagen that is SAPPE Beauti Drink which contains 1,000 mg of extracted Collagen from deep sea fish!
By increasing skin’s moisture, Collagen intake proves to reduce wrinkles after a lengthen span of time. Also, Collagen helps in tightening hair follicles, preventing Osteoporosis, alleviating shrinkage and maintaining skin elasticity. 
As I consume my first few bottles, I kept thinking, “how can something so healthy taste this good?!”. It tastes sweet and fruity but not too sweet that it would overwhelm your taste buds. To paint you a better picture, imagine the taste of Funchum Apple minus all the artificial sugar taste and that’s exactly how Beauti Drink with Collagen tastes like! Yummy!

For anyone – myself included – who wants to maintain good figure and weight, including those who lack vegetable and fruits intake, the 8,000 mg fiber in each bottle of SAPPE Beauti Drink is equivalent to 2 big Pomelos or 8 small tangerines. I love pomelos and believe me, 2 is A LOT for one day. And almost impossible for me to consume in just one day. Moving on, fiber helps digestive system to work efficiently and helps prevent intestinal cancer. L-Carnatine, on the other hand, is an important substance in promoting the fat metabolism. Therefore, this is a perfect product to drink during your diet and exercise program!
In terms of taste, I like this better than the former! It’s very light that it’s almost like drink water with a slight hint of citrus fruits every now and then. Best part is it’s not like drinking laxative that I have to hover near a restroom waiting for.. uhh.. you know! LOL! I can drink it on the go without worrying about the need to rush to the restroom anytime soon.

Before I end this, let me just squeeze in this cute drink. Mog Mogu comes in a wide range for fruity flavors but the one I’m absolutely loving is the Lychee juice with Nata de Coco. It’s super yummy and it’s refreshing to have a drink that requires me to chew it! LOL! Anyway, when I was in the hospital sometime last year, this was the only drink I was able to consume because I couldn’t eat anything solid post-operation. So yeah, this is great if you’re on a soft diet. πŸ™‚
That’s it! If you happen to drop by any 7 Eleven store, I suggest you give this a try!
If you’re planning to grab a sugary drink, why not make the calories count and choose a healthier option instead. Cheers! πŸ˜€