Towards the end of last month, I was invited to try Duchess Lash Bar & Spa’s services. The invitation was very timely, too, because my little brother was just discharged from the hospital that time and the thing I needed most was a relaxing afternoon at a spa. Their one and only store is located in Quezon City which, as you all know, is far from where I live. But I didn’t mind the commute because just as I thought, a nice mani-pedi session and gorgeous lash extensions were just what I needed to recharge after that stressful week.
I came in at around 1 in the afternoon and upon entering, the first thing that caught my eyes was the pink reception area. The huge glass window besides it made it look even more girly. The colors are very chic and light on the eyes. The entire spa is actually divided into 3 parts: the mani-pedi area, a small waxing station towards the back and a cozy room with beanbag-like sits for all the eyelash extension services.

I love how spacious the mani-pedi area is and how girly the spa chairs are. The place isn’t crowded at all! I’d like to think that they don’t compromise the relaxing vibe of the place just for the sake of catering to more people and earning more profit. 
The chairs are super comfy! You don’t get regular single sofa seats.. you get a super duper comfy lazy boy. I wanted to take the fluffy pillow home – it’s soooo soft. Plus, the black and pink color combination is so me. <3
They have wide selection of nail polish brands and shades. Their nail polishes come with a nail wheel with the shade swatches – this makes it easier to choice your preferred nail polish shade.
One of the things I always check when I have my nails done: does the salon they have a decent sterilizer to sanitize their tools? I wouldn’t want to get any kind of skin disease or whatsoever from other people. That’s just plain gross!
I had my nails done of course. Can you guess what color I chose? πŸ™‚
Tadaa! Orly in Blue Collar – I just adore this refreshing blue shade.
Waxing Area. The bed doesn’t look like much but I guess you don’t really go there to sleep or relax. I, for one, think that any space dedicated for waxing is considered a room of pain, not relaxing. HAHA!
Now for my absolute favorite, Duchess Lash Bar & Spa’s specialty – eyelash extensions!
The staff really knew what she was doing. I even asked her to explain how they go about it. According to her, they first ask the client the style they want depending on their eye shape – they have a complete illustration for better preference. As for the style, it could be natural (short individual lashes), mascara (short on both corners and medium length on the center) or flare (short going to medium and ending it with long strands on the outer corner)
As for the volume, there are no constrains in terms of number of strands to use on a particular client. They said it depends on what your lashes need. Meaning, they fill in gaps first before building up the volume that would flatter a specific eye shape. Their eyelash extension ranges from Php 1000-1500.
Compared to my previous eyelash extension experiences, this was by far the most convenient and hassle-free session that I ever had. It was such a breeze. I admit I dozed off a bit while doing the second set. πŸ™‚ My lashes look lavishly long and wispy. The thickness and volume is very obvious, too. Just look at the before-&-after photo!
What they did on me is called “Drama Queen Flare”. Ain’t it pretty? <3 With this one, I don’t see the need to curl, apply mascara and line my eyes. This, indeed, is what you call va-va-voom lashes. I love it to bits! <3 It’s a bit heavier, that’s a given, but other than that, it doesn’t really interfere much with my normal routine. The individual lash strands started falling off after a week and then in 2 weeks’ time, the single strands became clumps. Good thing that it doesn’t affect my real lashes. This won’t be my last attempt of getting instant long lashes, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚
Visit Duchess Lash Bar & Spa at Banawe Avenue, corner Linaw Street, Quezon City. For appointments, contact 0927-8984148.
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