I’m sure most of us has a tub of Vaseline Petroluem Jelly lying around the house but because it is rather inexpensive, we tend to overlook all its potential uses. Admit it, you’d rather reach for the pricey lip balm/moisturizer, haha. Vaseline Petroluem Jelly is actually a handy, all-around product. This wonder product heals and protects burns, rashes, chapped skin, cuts, and even bruises. It’s honestly my go-to product whenever my elbows get severely dry, plus it works better than some lip balms when it comes to healing dry, chapped lips.

So yeah, Vaseline conducted a little experiment (photo below) to showcase how Vaseline Petroluem Jelly heals. See how it was able to keep the leaves from drying out completely even under intense heat? This was left inside the car, under the noon heat, but you can still see a trace of moisture on the leaves labeled ‘with Vaseline’. Convinced yet? *wink!

No matter how impressive the moisturizing property of Vaseline Petroluem Jelly is, we can’t really slather it on our entire body, can we? The Vaseline Petroluem Jelly is gel-like so it is rather thick and heavy on the skin. Absolutely not something you would want on your skin when you start sweating like a pig under the summer sun! So here’s a more convenient alternative:

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion (100mL, Php69.30 | 200mL, Php126 | 400mL, Php225)

Since it is infused with Vaseline Petroluem Jelly, it’s just as moisturizing but a tad lighter on the skin. It’s easily absorbed by the skin, too, thus allowing micro-droplets of jelly to work deep within the skin to heal and moisturize it.

Unlike the rest of our body, our feet is naturally dry due to the lack of oil glands. The humid summer weather, frequent baths, and even the soap we use contribute to drying our feet even more. And when our skin is dry, the dead skin cells tend to accumulate so my dermatologist always reminds me to exfoliate – but don’t over do it!

Beauty Tip: Applying a generous amount of petroleum jelly on your feet right before hitting the sack then put on socks so your feet would really absorb everything. Oh, plus it ensures that you won’t get petroleum jelly on your bed cover. The result: baby soft feet the following morning, without having to spend money on foot spa!

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