The long hours I spent plastered infront of the computer screen finally paid off. Because during one of my late nights on the internet, I came across a very interesting topic to blog about. A certain group of Dermatologist abroad developed a new — new for me at least, study on how our body communicates to us what it needs. I’ve always been in awe how our body was incredibly engineered to function together… Like clock work! So why was I even surprised when I learned that pimples were not only due to stress and hormonal imbalance?

Yep, contrary to what most people, myself included, believe lack of sleep and hormonal imbalance is not entirely to blame for breakouts. Well, according to the study I was referring to earlier, each area of our face corresponds to an internal organ which is greatly affected by our way of living.
It’s hard to explain in words so I prepared a comprehensive illustration to define the areas talked about by the study.
Source: Dermalogica
Credits to my boyfriend for creating this demo picture for illustration ๐Ÿ™‚
Below are my suggested solutions depending on the what area of the face the pimple is located.
Areas 1 & 2 (Forehead)Bladder & Digestive System

Improve water intake and reduce consumption of junk food, fatty foods and foods with a lot of preservatives in general. Basically, just start eating healthier. 
Areas 3 & 4 (Temples and Area around the Eyes)Kidneys

Dark under eye circles and pimples around the area of the eyes normally indicate dehydration. So again, improve water intake. — So that’s why I get pimples in that area. Hmm.
Area 5 (Between the Brows)Liver

Cut back on alcohol, smoking and fatty foods for these are always the cause of liver failure. Try to exercise for 15-20 minutes a day but do avoid strenuous routines. Also, get more sleep to allow your liver to rest.
Areas 6 & 7 (Cheeks) Respiratory System
For those who smoke, have allergies or sweet tooth… this is usually their problem area. Avoid eating sugary treats and acidic foods. Getting more fresh air and green vegetables also help. 
Area 8 (Nose)Heart
Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin B and that your cholesterol is at an acceptable level. Eat less meat and avoid foods that have too much spices or garlic.
Areas 9 & 10 (Ears)Kidneys
Fuel up with water and not sodas and coffee for they tend to cause dehydration.
Areas 11 & 12(Jaw)Hormones
When hormonal changes and stress increase, pimples pop up around this area. It’s almost inevitable for teens and those with monthly period. But few extra leafy vegetables, more water and proper sleep could be a lot of help.
Area 13 (Chin)Stomach
Reduce the habit of eating before going to sleep for it increase the chances of indigestion. Increase fiber intake and try to drink herbal teas to aid digestion.
Area 14 (Neck) Illness
Pimples in this area could mean that your body is fighting off bacteria. Drink plenty of water, eat healthier and try to get more exercise.

NOTE: This is just a general guide. If pimples around the nose area normally occurs, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your heart. They are not 100% accurate so it’s always best to seek the help of physicians if you notice something wrong. However, it won’t hurt if you start eating and living healthier for a better looking skin, right?

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