A reader/friend asked for a review about this book. Like me, she loves makeup but doesn’t have any formal learning so we wholly depend on books and makeup gurus on youtube.
Face to Face by Bianca Valerio was the 2nd makeup book I got. The first one was Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown, a birthday gift from my friend, Angie. This one, Face to Face, was a gift from my siblings last Christmas. πŸ™‚
BTW, I have another book which was also written by Bobbi Brown. A gift last Valentine’s Day from my boyfriend. Yes, everyone around me knows my addiction in makeup. LOL!

Anyway, I wanted to get this book mainly because I was too intrigued with the cover.

Look at how different she looks because of the makeup!

The healing power of make-up.

It’s about an inch thick. Full of glossy papers with nicely photographed tools and models.
I intended the pages to be unreadable because of copy right laws we have to follow. πŸ˜‰

The chapter about determining one’s skin type was by far the most useful and informative chapter in the whole book. I’ve always had the smallest and unnoticeable pores ever and I never thought it was a bad thing. Well, not until I read the book. 
I actually bought tons of moisturizers after reading the book. LOL!
The page about the tools and different brushes was a lot like the ones from Bobbi Brown’s book.

In short, if you already own a Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown, you don’t have to buy this book because there will only be redundancy of certain information. Plus, this book is more like Chicken Soup for the Soul with a little dash of makeup tutorials. This is a feel-good book, not really a manual for makeup enthusiasts. 
So if you’re looking for a  makeup book for beginners, Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown is for you. But if you already know the basics (like the brushes and foundation shades) Ultimate Eye Makeup by Rae Morris would be a great option.
This is the most intriguing photo in the book. Want to know why? Buy the book. LOL! :))
Bianca Valerio is so gorgeous! Too bad I didn’t know who she was during the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Collection. If only I knew… I could’ve asked her to sign this book. Argh!