My class finished earlier than expected last Thursday and as I was procrastinating in my dorm room, I remembered I was given a Php550 worth for gift check during Niscenssa’s Direct Sale Launch (Read all about it HERE). I browsed through the services they offered in one of the brochures and saw that there was a branch near my dorm. I immediately asked my BF if he could go with me since he has no Thursday classes. As if he would say no to me. LOL!
Nisce Skin ‘N Face branch at SM Pala-pala
The branch is located at the lower ground floor near to Lynderm and in front of SM Appliance center. I rarely go to that part of the mall so I didn’t know that Nisce Skin ‘N Face has a branch there. The space is relatively small compared to other derm clinics but their staff are really accommodating.

Products are displayed on their front desk.
By the way, if you’re not near any Nisce branch, you can avail their product online. Just click HERE.

I was thinking of getting a facial with Anti-Acne Calming Mask but the receptionist informed me that they didn’t have the mask so she suggested couple of other masks that will help me with my breakouts. In the end, I decided to get a facial with Essence Vitamin C Mask which, according to the receptionist, will not only calm my skin but also lighten dark spots. How can I argue with that? It’s like a win-win situation for me. LOL! 

I also asked about the pimple injection-thingy. I remember my mom tricking me to accompany her to the mall then she’ll have me waiting for her as she gets her pimple injected. I asked about it last time I went to Lynderm months ago but unfortunately, they don’t offer that service anymore. 
While prepping my face for the scariest parts – the rigorous pricking and the pimple injection, the staff kept telling me to buy their toner because it will help minimize my pores. I told her I already have one, from the loot bag, but I haven’t tried it out yet. She practically begged me to give it a try. I’ve been using it for days now and I think I’m ready to write a review. πŸ™‚

After cleaning my face, the dermatologist injected my two uber huge pimples with a clear solution that will make my pimple dry faster. I kinda hurt a bit but since I regularly donate blood, needle prick isn’t really a big thing for me. Oh by the way, the pimple injection costs Php 100 per shot. πŸ™‚

Photo from Instagram. Follow me, celline08!
This is by far my favorite mask of all time. It’s a thick foam-y mask that gives a cooling sensation (like Head & Shoulders on the scalp when left for several minutes)! It’s super relaxing. I just love it to bits!!

I look like a melting snowman. LOL!
Sorry about the orange lighting.
After my facial, we had dinner at French Baker. Sorry about the close up picture. I just want to show you how clean my nose is. No whiteheads and blackheads, see? Clean as a whistle!!:) Normally when I get my facial, a lot of whiteheads remain unpricked. But not at Nisce, the lady who did my facial was very diligent and she has very light hands. It didn’t hurt that much. πŸ™‚
Now to show you the result of the pimple injection.

Picture on the left was taken right before my facial. While the one on the right was taken the the following day, Friday. The bump obviously subsided and the pimple itself dried up.
I’m definitely going back for another facial treatment!

So what do you think? Have you ever tried any of their services?
Let me know by commenting down below. πŸ™‚