Oh Em! I just realized that I failed to include my huge faux lashes haul in my previous haul post. I bought 8 sets (with 10 pairs each set) of faux lashes on Ebay some time during the summer. But since the package was sent all the way from China and the post office kinda held it for several weeks, I only got my hands on these lovelies during the last week of June — yes, I know it’s already the end of August. Super late!
The box with purple ribbon is for the winner of my “All About The Eyes” Giveaway which I’ll be announcing tonight. Good luck to all those who joined! πŸ™‚
I bought 3 different lash designs. First up, my dramatic faux lashes.

Full lashes for a very dramatic Vegas almost-drag-queen look. 
I only bought 1 box of this particular design since I don’t really plan on using these on for events. This would be perfect for photo shoots though. πŸ™‚

A closer look.
Next up,  a simple yet very whimpsy-looking lash design.

I like this because it’s very simple and girly. It gives the eyes just the right amount of emphasis to make it pop. I use this for soft romantic looks or with neutral smokey eye makeup. 

I have 3 boxes of this.
And lastly, my favorite among the 3 — the one with the Criss Cross design.

This is by far the most natural looking lashes I’ve tried. I bought 4 boxes of these — one will be for the winner. πŸ™‚ When I need my lashes to be extremely prominent without looking overly done, I reach out for this one. I seriously love this particular design to bits!

I chose to buy the cheapest one I can find online since I only needed them for practice. I usually end up messing up my eye makeup because I tend to misplace the faux lashes and the glue just goes all over the place. It sucks! Well, after few months of practice, I honestly think I didn’t improve a bit. Oh well.. I still have forever to enhance my makeup skills. LOL!
Aren’t they lovely? πŸ™‚
What faux lashes design would you normally go for?