To avoid short and boring haul posts, I was planning to just create collective haul posts every end of the month just to show you the things I accumulated over said month. That was supposed to start this month. However, as I look on the products I would be posting, I realized that this kind of haul post would be lengthy, to say the least. Also, after buying all these things, I don’t plan on going out on an impulsive shopping spree anytime soon so might as well post it now, right? πŸ™‚

Let’s get started.. I categorized everything just to make it a bit organized.
I will include the prices not to brag but to be as informative as possible.


I can’t emphasize how much my hair needs help right now. It’s on the verge of giving up and just falling off all at the same time. Naaahh, that’s exaggerated! But my hair hair seriously needs a heavyduty treatment of some sort. The ends are really stiff.. probably because I iron my hair everyday. :/ Anyway, if these products don’t work, my last resort is to chop my hair once again. Oh well, it’s almost summer naman na eh. *wink
Naturals Olive Hair Masks from Watsons
Buy 1 Take 1 for less than Php 300
Pure Beauty Treatment Essence Water from Watsons
Buy 1 Take 1 for Php 259 (?)
TRESemme Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment
This may look like a sponsored product but believe me, it’s not. I’ve been using TRESemme treatment as a conditioner since early January and I love how soft it makes my hair so I bought the entire line to see if they all work well. This is definitely going on my February Favorites!

Pinkbox Velcro Hair Puff (Read about it HERE)
Php 189.75
Skin Ave. BOdy Butter from Watsons
(less than Php 300)

When February started, I was addicted to lipsticks. I don’t know exactly why but I felt the urge to buy different colors. I just thought I wasn’t experimenting enough with lip colors and that I didn’t have all the colors that I would need — I still don’t. Anyway, I went ballistic while shopping online and got 15 lipsticks this month alone. Oh dear me! :3

Revlon Lipsticks from Stuff ‘N Shop(In The Red, Siren, Daring Pink, Ravish Me Red, Rose Berry, True Red & Candy Pink)
Lot of 7 for Php 1500
Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipsticks from (2) SM Dept Store & (6) Stuff ‘N Shop
(Dollhouse Pink, Cherry Bomb, Mauve Outta Here, Red Velvet, Coral-ine, Spiked with Rum, Just Peachy & Bare It All)
Mall Price Php 299 each | Lot of 6 from 
Stuff ‘N Shop Php 780
With these lippies, I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore drugstore lipsticks for a while. I have no idea how I’ll use up all of these but at the same time, I still have quite a number of lip products on my “to buy” list. Gaaahh, honestly.. do you think there’s something wrong with me? LOL!
Sophie Paris Magic Pink Cream Blush from La Sallian Bazaar
Php 80 (Read review HERE)
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania & Glitter Mania from The Makeup Haul
(Jade Pearl, Purple & Blue) Php 100 each
Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream in Milk Tea from Etude House
Php 198
Just when I ran out of my Baviphat Makeup Remover, Shimmerjjang Andy posted her nightly skincare routine on IG. That’s where I saw this baby and thought about giving it a try. I’ve been using this for days now  actually. I’ll be writing a review on this soon. πŸ™‚
Smiley Baby Fresh Baby Wipes from Watsons Php 99
Origins Underwear for Lashes
Pinkies Collection Eyebrow Liner in Brown Php 99 (?)
Do you know how difficult it is to do your brows without a spoolie? Well, I never really realized that until I misplaced mine a couple of days ago. I was  in need of a cheap one while I look for my dual-ended Charm Eyebrow brush when I saw this from Pinkies Collection’s counter. It was cheaper than the spoolie (without the pencil) from James Cooper so I bought it right away.

I promised myself that I would only buy maximum of 4 pairs per month and it looks like I reached my quota even before the last week of February. Now all I could do is stay away from the shoes section to avoid heartbreak. LOL!

Moss Green Wedge Boots from Baguio
Php 550
We saw this cute little shoe shop in Baguio while strolling right around the corner of 50’s Diner. They have really cute shoes at affordable prices. I tried a couple of pairs but this one was the winner because it’s super light — lighter than my flats from Celine! I remember asking for their online shop’s name but I forgot where I placed the paper where the owner wrote it. :/
Barbie Pumps from Shubizz
Php 1300 (?)
Mint Green Flats from Solemate
Php 399 for 2 pairs
Aztec Flats from Solemate
Php 399 for 2 pairs
“True Love Waits” Purity Ring from Silverworks
Php 350 (including engraved name)
My sister celebrated her 16th birthday during the Valentines and I promised to buy her a “purity ring” when she reaches the age when she can fully understand what the ring stands for and the implications of drastic actions. I made that promise 2 years ago and now she’s ready. <3 You prolly can’t see it but the outer part of the ring reads “True Love Waits” and on the inside, I had my sister’s name engraved.
Clay Earrings from Stuff ‘N Shop
Black Clutch Bag with Knuckle Handles from Landmark
Php 899 (on sale for Php 600)
I also bought 2 black dresses for our Blanc et Noir Org Party on Sunday (2 because I can’t decide which one to buy, so I bought both of ’em), several blouses for business attire Tuesdays and a couple other clothes. Haul photos don’t usually give justice to clothes so I’ll just show them to you on my OOTD posts. πŸ™‚
That’s about it for my February Collective Haul. Hopefully, I can muster enough self-control to resist buying things out of impulse for the rest of the month. :3
Let me know which products you want me to review first so I can prioritize them.
See you on my next post, loves! <3