Written at the back of my apple green 2013 Starbucks planner are my New Year resolutions. This list includes (No.09) revamping my wardrobe by investing more on key pieces and shoes instead of makeup. I have to admit, I have very limited choices in clothes as I usually just wear tee’s and pants when I go out so when I get invites for events, I always feel the need to shop for something to wear.
I mindlessly wrote that down on my list just because. I wasn’t planning begin 2013 with nonstop shopping. Well, I can blame SM for that. Their extended yearend sale is insanely tempting! Like seriously! One day isn’t enough to shop. I had to go back the following day to buy the things I didn’t get the chance to buy the first time. If not for our reunion yesterday, I would’ve went back to SM for the 3rd consecutive day to shop!
I was with my little sister last Thursday to run some errands. I told her I wouldn’t dare to buy anything that’s unnecessary because I was saving up for a new laptop. That’s when she reminded me that I am not allowed to keep the cash Papa gave me for Christmas as it was, supposedly, to be used to buy clothes. Any argument I presented was invalid since I was the one who made up that rule so I had no choice but to shop. I make shopping sound so dreary task, noh? HAHA!
I wanted to buy a pair of flats but every pair in my size in the entire department was out of stock! So I decided to get a bag instead. A bag that is big enough to carry my books in Accounting and my kikay kit.

Ayla Hobo Bag for Php 850 (Orig. Price was Php 1699)

I found this new brand, next to Secosana, called AYLA. Their bags are cheaper than Bella Donna and Kimbel but the material used looks pretty sturdy, still. It feels soft and the gray and blue combination looks good – appropriate for our business attire Tuesday’s.
Bag Details.
The inside of the bag looks like this. It has a violet, plastic-like interior filled with the Ayla logo. It is quite roomy too!
Bag Interior.
Next up, we went to Celine. Their shoes were arranged according to their available sizes so it was very convenient for everyone there. We didn’t have to ask the sales ladies if  particular sizes are available or if it’s in stock. All I had to do was walk to the shelf that says “SIZE 7” and pick the design I like. Their store is very organized and efficient. I just loved it there! It makes shopping for shoes way easier.

Teal See-Through Top (Php 499) and Salmon Cardigan (Php 599)
Beige Flats for Php 699
Before going home, we passed my Jelly Bean and saw their Buy 1 Get 1 promo. I instantly fell inlove with their lightweight wedges. I was tempted to buy another pair! After a minute of justifying another purchase, I was able to walk away from their awesome promo.. for the time being.
The following day, my friend, Danice, and I decided to meet-up for coffee and a bit of a catching up. We’ve been friends for 9 years now – starting 1st year high school – but we haven’t seen each other for months. I then remembered the promo at Jelly Bean and immediately forced her to buy a pair so the two of us can both save. All thanks to my power of persuasion, we ended up buying a pair each and a skirt. Yes, I bought a skirt. Only because it’s leather! LOL!
2 Pairs Of Shoes (different styles) For Php 1399
I think my pair is cheaper (around Php 1200+) than Danice’s but they base it on the one with the higher value so we paid Php 1399 for the shoes. She chose a blue tribal wedge pair. πŸ™‚
I rarely wear skirts but my love for anything leather is so great that I’m willing so wear this! The curved leather linings on the sides give the illusion a curvacious body by emphasizing the hips. Oh la la~ LOL! Danice was mesmerized by the neon pink bandage skirt so she bought that one. 
Cotton/Leather Skirt for Php 799
We paid a total of Php 2198 (and saved Php 1800+) at Jelly Bean. We just split the total regardless of whose items are more expensive. We’re friends; we don’t have to bring out the calculator and be technical about these things. πŸ™‚
Another bag! I bought a playful, candy orange bag on our way home! It instantly caught my eyes as I rode the escalator and just didn’t have the heart to leave it there. It needed a home and I needed a brightly colored bag – we’re meant to be together! 

Kimbel Candy Bag (Php 675) from original price of Php 1350
Cute Lock!
And before I forget (again!), I bought 2 belts from Genevieve Gozum. Majority of my pants are about an inch or two bigger than my waistline now. *happy dance!
Genevieve Gozum Belts (Php 50 each)
The studded strap on the blue one is super cute! I can’t believe it’s only for Php 50!
So tell me, can I now start posting my Outfit of the Day’s (OOTD)? Haha.
Brace yourselves, more fashion-related hauls will be coming your way this year. πŸ˜‰