I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. I was told early on that it’s in our genes; they jokingly call it as sumpa ng pamilyang Reyes. But to me, it’s not a joking matter, not even remotely. I’m tired of counting every calorie intake. I wish I have the time to go to the gym or at the very least, be able prepare healthy meals on a daily basis. But obviously, I can’t do any of that now. What I need now is a sure way to shed a few inches around my waist without all the hassle and body ache.. just until I find a way around my new schedule. 🙂

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“This Meso Lipo (Php4500) is a minimally invasive procedure used for liposculpting or body sculpting/contouring, spot weight reduction, cellulite treatment and hair loss. Cocktails of medicines and homeopathic remedies are microinjected in the target areas. For localized adiposity, the patient’s goal is taken into consideration, but must be supported by regular exercise and diet management.”

When I did my online search about this procedure, I came across a blog that showed how the bumps from the injection lasted for days. Her experience was almost the opposite of what happened to me. In her case, the bumps became as large as my palm, and she was advised to take antihistamine to relieve itchiness. Mine didn’t even bruise and the bumps were gone in 2 hours! So I’m guessing she was allergic to the medicine.. but even then, she swore how effective the treatment was and how she’d do it again in a heartbeat!
Because I had a very different experience than the one I saw online, I want to walk you through the whole process, step by step.. to give you a better understanding of the procedure and gauge your personal expectations. I just want to say that for the record, results vary depending your body type and your lifestyle.
Meso Lipo is basically a way of injecting L-Carnatine, present in almost all commercially available weight loss products, directly into the problem areas. You have to admit that no matter how many sit-up reps you do, it’s not as precise in targeting those back pockets/muffin tops; unlike with the help of Meso Lipo.
Treatments such as Meso Lipo are done in a room separate from the facial area, for more privacy. And much like usual medical treatments, the Meso Lipo also need a signed consent form before proceeding; this ensures that the patient is briefed and is fully aware of the treatment they’re about to undergo. I’ve signed two consent forms for the Meso Lipo, one for each session I’ve had.
Blue cold packs are used to prep the area, making it numb to the touch. There isn’t any kind of anesthesia for this; not even topical! The tummy is divided into 3 areas: top, bottom and sides. Refer to photo above. One session of Meso Lipo only covers one area. The lovely Dra. Ocampo suggested we start with the lower portion because this is the hardest to target with exercise.
I know what you’re thinking. Is it excruciatingly painful? How did it feel? Half way through administering the injectable concoction, Dra. Ocampo said, compared to her other clients, I seemed to have high tolerance for pain seeing as that I barely winced in pain throughout the session. Don’t get me wrong, it was painful, yes, but it was tolerable. There were actually two kinds of pain there. The first one was the injection itself which only felt like a light prick since it only punctures slightly beneath the layer of skin. It was subtle compared to what comes next, but the sheer number of the injection (around 40-50 per treatment) can be overwhelming. The other kind of pain was more like a sharp shooting sensation. I can literally feel the medicine coming out of the injection and entering under my skin. Again, painful but tolerable.. for me, at least.
Aside from effortlessly losing a few centimeters each session, there are 2 things I love about the Meso Lipo. (1) There is absolutely no downtime and aftercare procedure. I can schedule a quick treatment during lunch break and then go back to the office after an hour. It is as if I hadn’t done anything at all. And (2) the process of administering itself is carefully done on specific areas; areas that are difficult, if not impossible, to lose weight. I can’t stress how great it is especially for girls whose proportions are just off! Like me, my arms and tummy are too big and squishy for the rest of my body.
*drum rolls, please!*
As for the result, though, I can say that the second session wasn’t as effective as the first. Probably because there is more layer of fat on the sides than on the bottom area of my tummy, thus needing more session to really see any noticeable difference. It’s understandable, and at the same time, I’m pretty much alright with it because, honestly, the sides are easier to target thru workouts like oblique sit-ups and whatnot. It’s actually the lower tummy that I’m having troubles targeting.
I don’t know if you can tell from the photo above but after only one session, my “belly pouch” became smaller. Dra. Ocampo advised that I have the Meso Lipo sessions every week, but I only went for two sessions. My schedule became too hectic. 🙁 Although I didn’t continue with my Meso Lipo sessions, I didn’t seem to regain the centimeters that I lost. It is a bit expensive but unlike RF treatments, I find that the result I got from Meso Lipo is more permanent. If only I can maintain it.. oh well, maybe when I get the hang of my new work. 🙂
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