Since le BF is too busy to upload the other pictures from our trip to Baguio last weekend, I can’t blog about it yet. And obviously I’m just super excited to share our trip with you so I decided to make individual food entries for the different cafes and restaurants we tried while we were there.

First up, the famous Cafe By The Ruins.

Even before we went to Baguio, my good friend, Angie, and my tito already told me about this cafe near Burnham Park (corner of Kisad Rd. and Benjamin Salvosa, according to Google Maps). So I figured since Cafe by the Ruins was highly suggested, it must be really good. Also, it would be a nice place to eat breakfast at and then walk around the park after since it’s super close lang naman. πŸ™‚
The Place:
Fresh bread.
The whole place isn’t that big but there’s a courtyard. See.. it’s actually open so you could really smell the fresh air mixed with the delicious aroma of the brewing coffee and newly-baked bread. It’s so relaxing.

As the name of the cafe suggests, the whole structure of their building was built around the ruins of an old one. The entrance of the cafe is actually a restructured part of the old ruined building (see photo below). It’s a nice concept; to integrate a modern cafe to an old abandoned structure. I just love the ambiance in here — very calm and quiet. It really is the best place to get breakfast, for tourists, that is.

I just had to include this photo.. the flowers look great!<3
The Food:
Every order is served with a bowl of mixed fruits. le BF had to eat my share of strawberries and papaya because all I could eat was the melon, banana and mango. Is it just me or everything really is sweeter in Baguio?

Iced Ruins Coffee for me.
This tastes a lot like Starbucks’ frappe.. only better. <3
Hot Ruins Coffee for le BF.
We both decided to go with the cafe’s specialty since it’s not everyday that we could drink Ruins Coffee. By the way, cool thing about their hot coffee, it’s not served with sugar. Yup, that small cup, not brown sugar.. that’s “latik” like the one paired with suman. It gives the coffee a different kind of sweetness that would definitely tickle any tourist’s tastebuds as well as give them a taste of Filipinos rice-based food, suman.
Tortilla de Patatas
This is basically an omelette with potatoes sliced like french fries inside. The rice looks weird, really. It’s violet and it has this little sesame-like thingy. It doesn’t taste bad though. Still, it’s weird that my rice was crunchy. o.0
Bacon and Eggs
Wasn’t really feeling the try-something-new vibe that morning, other than the coffee of course, and I didn’t want to risk ordering something I couldn’t eat because I was soooo hungry. A true blue breakfast; bacon and eggs! 
Price Range:

Cafe By The Ruins isn’t as steep as Forest House. A meal here would cost around Php 260-400 per person. As for the coffee, both hot and cold drinks would be around a hundred pesos. Though the prices indicated on the menu are still subject to 10% service charge. Overall, our meal set us back by less than Php 800 which is totally not bad.

What’s a food post without a photo of the “travelers”, right? LOL!

Serene place, delicious food for a reasonable price then add Baguio’s weather.. breakfast couldn’t be lovelier than this. Two thumbs up for this place! Now I know why they wanted us to visit this cafe so bad. <3

Have you tried Cafe By The Ruins?
I strongly encourage everyone to try their food whenever they visit Baguio.
It’s a must! Happy Sunday everyone. πŸ™‚