This month I started my internship in one of the most prestigious auditing firms in the country. I can’t really complain because it’s the best there is, for me at least. And yeah, I know, I know… how stressful can an internship be, right? Office work isn’t much of a hassle but it’s the commute and the heels (oh my, the heels!) are what’s bugging me. I have to wear heels every single day and my feet are killing me! So when I got an invite from Ms. Marcie, the publicist for Foot Massage Lounge, to visit the establishment, I didn’t even think twice. 
I remember the event was on a Wednesday; good thing, too, because there wasn’t much traffic going to Bonifacio Global City from our office in Ayala. It took me less than 45 minutes to get there because although the building was new, it wasn’t hard to find. Upon arriving, I was greeted by my Ms. Marcie and the owner, Ms. Cat, herself. The place was incredible. It was nothing short of elegant if I’d say so myself.

Ms. Cat, who is also the lady behind the hugely successful mani-pedi concept Posh Nails with its pretty pink-and-purple interiors, opted for a black-and-gold palette for Foot Massage Lounge. This is to give the feel of elegance and opulence in preparation for the luxurious pampering from their highly-trained massage therapists.
Foot Massage Lounge indeed went the total opposite color scheme in order to really stand out from Posh Nails and instead, promote a more Victorianesque, elegant feel that won’t intimidate guys. The name itself evokes a lounge, club vibe that really relaxes clients and attracts them to come in.
This goes without saying but heck, I just love the interior of the place. It looks very sosyal! The coach, the table, the shelf and even the knick-knacks – they all come together to give the place its elegant vibe. I don’t mind having those frames made for my room, too. πŸ™‚
The alley corridor then leads to the private rooms. The temperature-controlled dim-lighted massage rooms that have their own TV sets can accommodate singles, couples, and for groups of five and the family room which can accommodate six. And did I mention that each private room, there is a customized recliner chair and their own TV which FML provides their clients with USB so that they can choose their own movie. Indeed, very private. πŸ˜€
Some people just want to relax, and have the feeling of being within the comfort of their second home without getting greasy with oil all over the body. With Foot Massage Lounge, they have the option to wear FML’s disposable shorts and have their massage, then still go out after for a date or a meeting. There is no greasy or sticky feeling in your skin that forces them to go home and shower.
I had the privilege of trying their 60-minute Deluxe Foot Massage (Php 600), a combination of foot reflexology and hammer-type pressure massage. Reflexology treatment is known to work out the knots and aches brought about by overwork and stress while the latter is good for blood circulation. 
The massage started with a relaxing upper body massage while my feet was soaked in warm water. I loved the constant pressure on my shoulder area. The body massage lasted for about 10-15 minutes which left me longing for more. HAHA! After the body massage, the therapist then proceeded to my feet – she removed the wooden bucket with water and then dried my feet in preparation for the dry massage. She applied a tiny amount of oil… that was the last I remembered before I dozed off to snooze-ville. *wink! I woke up as she removed the oil with warm water. To conclude the very relaxing session, she used the rubber-tip hammer tool on my lower leg with very light and equal intervals.
I honestly didn’t think I needed a massage but as it turns out, it was what my abused feet was screaming for. And yes, wearing heels everyday really did took a toll on my feet. If you’re looking for a quick escape, even in the middle of a stressful week, to recharge and relax, this is the place for you. πŸ™‚
Foot Massage Lounge is located at 2/F Forum South Global Bldg. Bonifacio Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. For more information, visit or call 0926-7334929/02-2186744.