There comes a time in every girls life when she decides to exchange her usual sweet scent for something more musky, more polished. In my case, this was when I officially entered the corporate world. Don’t get me wrong; I still love sweet floral fragrances but for work, I always find myself reaching for light yet mature perfumes. I think this is part of the concept called “power dressing” for me to seem more in-control and authoritative, in a sense.
Salvatore Ferragamo has ceaselessly sought and found inspiration from the most eminent woman of his time. Women that not only shined through their success but also through their emotional harmony, self-confidence and elegance. Inspired by the founder’s philosophy and vision, Salvatore Ferragamo bestows an iconic Eau de Parfum for a woman who desires genuine things and true moments of plenitude. A classic yet modern fragrance that encodes the pleasure of emotions and fulfillment of life: Emozione.

A multifaceted fragrance that combines feminine floral bouquets to a refined and precious woody texture enriched with a touch of sensual, glamorous chypre notes. The luminous gleam of the juicy Bergamot’s freshness is softened by powdery Iris and White Peach notes for a velvety sensation. The heart expresses glamorous femininity through a bouquet of delicate Peonies, sensual Bulgarian Roses and addictive Heliotrope. A harmonious embrace, between the mysterious Patchouli and intense Suede notes, enhances the scent’s richness that is exalted by a veil of White Musk, creating a sumptuous dry down.

Olfactive Family: Floral Woody Chypre
Perfumer: Alberto Morillas – Amandine Marie (Firmenich)

Ferragamo’s craftsmanship values are also represented in the creation of the flacon that expresses the refinement and attention to detail values of the brand. Golden finishing on the top and sides of the flacon, along with the leather-like cream sides, embellish the preciousness of the bottle. While a final hint of classy lightheartedness is given by the iconic double Gancino chain. The elegance of the essence is further expressed through the luminous peach colour juice and the ‘Emozione’ logo that stands out in black capital letters, to strongly emphasize the products name. The vivid richness and elegant glamour of Emozione are perfectly characterized by the combination of the outer packaging’s characteristic colours, peach and warm white, recalling the colour of the juice and the leather inserts, contrasting with the black Emozione logo.
Emozione EDP 50ml, P5,250 | 92ml, P7,400

I don’t know about you but for me, gold signifies sophistication and luxury like no other. And this #flatlay sums up my no-fail accessories for important business days. Surprisingly, I have to be more glammed up for blog-related meetings than for normal days at the office. But in any case, these products make me feel like I’m old enough, good enough to sit at the big kids table.. and not just someone who sits on the sidelines, if you know what I mean. *wink!