The biggest challenge in buying a foundation is indeed
getting the correct shade, but it’s not the only thing we have to consider. We
have to get the right formulation for our skin type, the right coverage and, of
course, we have to make sure it looks natural on us. We don’t want to look like
we’re wearing a ghastly mask, right?
One of my favorite drugstore brands recently launched a new and improved version of their well-loved True Match Foundation. With the new True Match, achieving the “no makeup” look is now more effortless for us Filipinas. It’s like what I always say; the goal when it comes to foundation is to make it look seamless and natural. It’s not about showing off how much product is layered on your face.
The event was held at the Farmacy Dessert Bar in BGC – with a matching fancy black fleet to boot! There were several stations during the event, all aimed to helping us get our correct shade for foundation, concealer plus a few more bonus releases. Let me walk you through the event.
Station 1. Before anything else, we need to have a smooth canvass for the makeup so we begin with the new True Match Blur Cream (Php 400). It is a silicon-based primer that fills in lines and pores on the face to create a flawless canvass. It only comes in one shade but it actually adapts to any skintone. If you’re familiar with the L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base Primer, this is it’s replacement.
Station 2. Oh fancy! Talk about makeup on the go! Lovely makeup stations were set up inside the black fleet. With the help of L’Oreal makeup artists, I was able to find my one true match in the new and improved L’Oreal True Match Foundation (Php 600).
From the world leader in beauty, L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris introduces the world’s number one foundation, now made even better. With its innovative micro-matching technology, the True Match perfectly matches skin tone and texture at a micro-level, so that every woman can have her own shade, her one True Match.
True Match comes in 15 shades that match Filipina complexions – from fair, medium, to morena skin tones. But it goes to the next level by considering undertones – the color that is reflected underneath the skin, determined by the genes. Each True Match shade also matches a specific undertone – warm, neutral, or cool
Station 3. We’re back inside the restaurant and this time,
to find the perfect concealer to match my new foundation. I’m totally loving
this True Match Crayon Concealer (Php 500). The packaging makes it so much easier to do spot concealing and to apply on specific areas – especially for highlighting the brow
bone! It’s rather creamy and very blendable. However, I am yet to test its
staying power. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂
Station 4. Raise your brow game with these newest products
from L’Oreal! To tell you honestly, I am most excited about these two, haha.
The Brow Artist Genius Kit (Php 400) comes in 2 shades with matching wax and powder on
both. Applicators? Look no further because this compact has a decent spoolie
and slanted brush to up your game. The wax is impressively smooth and it doesn’t
make the brow hair to stick to one another. No clumps here! <3
Another brow product to up your brow game is the all new
L’Oreal Brow Artist Designer Pro (Php 500). Now this one is truly impressive. Don’t
underestimate its pen-like packaging for it has 3 parts. Yes, you read it right
– THREE! It has a mechanical pencil on one end, a powder and sponge applicator on the middle and a spoolie on the other end. It truly captures the art of going brows in 3 easy steps: SHAPE the brows by lining in the arch with the crayon tip, SHADE by filling with the powder, and STYLE into place with the brow brush. This is just perfect for out-of-town trips! It’s very pigmented and it truly is all-in-one.
I’ve been using the older version of the True Match foundation, the one with the gold pump. It’s actually a great foundation for everyday, but the micro-pigment technology on this new release really peaked my interest. So what’s the secret? The new True Match contains 5 unique micro-pigments that specifically match Asian skin tones and undertones. Also, its micro-fine pigments hide imperfections with medium, buildable coverage, while protecting against harmful UVA and UVB rays with SPF 16/PA++. All this in a super-blendable, lightweight formula for the most flawless, natural-looking skin.
Oh, did I mention that we get one key from every station? Yup, and at the end we get to see if our keys unlock the locks around the guys’ necks to win a special prize. How cheesy is that?! So cute.
Unfortunately, I didn’t unlock any of them.. it’s okay, though. I have already found my one true match anyway. Now that’s super cheesy. HAHA! If I’m not mistaken, Phya was able to unlock one of the guys, and she got movie tickets. <3
Funny thing is that the event was held during office hours. I had to snuck out early for lunch to attend the event. And no, I don’t regret it. The event was super fun, the food was great and I was with amazing people – just how every lunch breaks should be! It was so much fun talaga. Food with makeup on the side, my kind of lunch. 😉
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