If I learned anything from my 23 years of existence, it’s that no one is spared from embarrassing beauty mishaps. I used to be quite cautious so as to spare myself from further embarrassing moments during my teen years, but you know what, now I just wing it. There’s nothing more fun than letting go of all your inhibitions and just going with the flow. It’s all part of being young and carefree. 🙂
Here are a few tips on how to handle beauty mishaps based from personal experience, of course.
1. Keep your cool. Just like what we learn in disaster recovery programs, stay calm and don’t panic. You won’t be able to do any damage control if you’re panicking, so this is very crucial. Gather your wits and prepare for the next step.
2. Improvise. This is not just for events/incidents – this step works just as well for beauty mishaps. 
Over-tweezed your eyebrows? Grab your tried-and-tested eyebrow pen and start drawing light lines that mimic hair strands. Make sure it’s sweat- and smudge-proof! For this I would recommend my favorite K-Palette Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow. Cream foundation starting to cake? Alleviate oiliness with a blotting paper and then use the sponge that comes with your pressed powder and lightly re-blend the cream foundation. Gently dab and spread until it becomes even again. Hair getting oily but don’t have time to wash it just yet? Try using a regular loose/baby powder and ever-so-lightly dab it on your scalp. This will help absorb the oiliness; just make sure to use the powder sparingly as we don’t want our hair to look grayish, too. Forgot your volumizing mascara? Tight line the inner rim of your eyelids to create fuller looking lashes sans mascara. This technique makes it look much more natural-looking, IMO. 
3. Always be prepared. Rain poured unexpectedly and your hair is all wet? Go to the restroom, wring out the water over the sink, and dry yourself with the hand dryer. Always have a small towel in your bag; handy for wiping perspiration, and in times like this, your wet hair. Getting uncomfortable when you’re feeling wet down there? This is not a laughing matter because your confidence and anxiety level greatly depends on this factor! Be sure you wear and have a fresh Carefree panty liner ready in your emergency girl kit. 😉 
4. Smile and show some attitude. This is the most important of all. To be able to pull anything off, you need attitude! Commit to whatever “escape plan” you decide on. There’s no time to doubt yourself now so just give it your all!
5. If all else fails, laugh it out. Be the first to laugh at yourself. This is the oldest thing in the book but believe me, this is very effective. Believe me; it’s so much easier to brush the incident off this way. Instead of being filed as an embarrassing moment, it becomes nothing more than a silly incident. Trust me on this one. *wink! 
Kidding aside, you must take comfort in knowing that it’s all part of life and one day you’d look back to that incident and smile at how fun and carefree you were as a teen. Now, whenever I meet up with my high school friends, it’s the dyahe moments we talk about the most. And we can’t stop laughing how baliw we were as teens. 
Final word of advice: Life is full of foolish and embarrassing moments, embrace it. <3