How about a slight dose of high school feels to lighten up your day? I recently took a personality test, and it shocked me how much I struggled with each question. I came to realize that my personality shifted almost 180 degrees the last 10 years, so allow me to take you down memory lane, back to when I was an awkward teenager.
I was 1/3 of an infamous group of friends when I was a freshman. The three of us had very different personalities; until now, I don’t quite understand how we clicked. Okay, so we have D, the crush ng bayan type, and C, the Ms. Congeniality/Ms. Popular… and then there’s me, the loud-mouth who always got into trouble. I bet you’re all shocked. Yes, on my second year, I was under disciplinary probation. Oh, yes, no kidding! I guess that might have been my way of setting myself apart.
People have always assumed that I’m very confident because how else could I have that strong personality if I wasn’t sure of myself, right? Wrong. If I were to look back, I could tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that high school was when I was most insecure about myself. 
If it’s even possible to narrow down the factors that contributed to my insecurity those years, these would probably be: 
1) Bad skin. I didn’t have severe breakouts then but still, I wasn’t as flawless as I wanted to be. I wished I was introduced to better skincare products at an earlier age. 
2) My incredibly unruly hair! I eventually had my hair rebonded during my third year but how I wish I discovered it sooner. Hahaha… my gawky posture and sense of style, I used to think bandanas and elephant jeans were cool! Shocker! I had the weirdest fashion sense. I should’ve stuck with basic jeans and nice shirts. *face palm*

And, of course, who could forget –
1) Body Stuff. Our body is obviously undergoing a lot of changes at that stage, and being more aware of these things, knowing how to deal with them, and knowing which products to use would have been a big help. 
Imagine how clueless and uncomfortable I was during this time, especially on matters down there. Because I wasn’t aware of what was happening and how to deal, I had to put up with the gross feeling brought about by everyday wetness (like discharge, sweat and excess pee down there. No one told me about Carefree panty liners I could wear everyday. I swear, the effect of wearing a panty liner everyday is something a lot of people don’t see or know, but you just know how much better things can be if you wore one everyday.
These seem like petty stuff now but believe me, these made my days a living nightmare.
Oh and being with D & C everyday wasn’t helping my self-esteem either, haha. Come on, my two best friends were guy-magnets, and I was a wallflower, in every sense of the word. But then again, I look back to those days with a smile because I was able to build my character, something I’m 100% confident about. Now, I have a great skincare regimen that I religiously follow, a trusted brand, Carefree, to protect me against wetness, better wardrobe, wider choices when it comes to hairdressers… and I’m just generally more confident. And you know what, it shows. *wink!