Just the other day I was in a cab and I heard this news about the worst dates to go out shopping. Apparently, malls will be jampacked with holiday shoppers this coming Friday and Sunday because of the bonuses to be released this week. If you’re planning to go out on those dates, prepare for heavy traffic. Same goes for the weekend right before Christmas because of all the last minute shoppers. Some malls already announced their new operating hours to accommodate shoppers for the holiday season.
There’s always heavy traffic in Manila during certain hours.. now they’re telling us it would be A LOT worse? Sheesh. But instead of getting annoyed, that news segment on the radio actually gave me a great idea for a blog post – it’s not actually new/original but it’s still a great idea, nonetheless.
I decided to make a series of gift ideas for the different people in our lives. I know how difficult and pressuring it is to walk around the mall for hours without a clear idea of what to get for your family/friends or even your special someone. I know this because my boyfriend would always tell me how hard it is to find me a decent gift.. so to help guys out there who are having the same dilemma, here’s a brief list of gift ideas depending on your girl’s personality. I hope this helps! <3
The Makeup Enthusiasts. As a Makeup enthusiast myself, I know girls would love these. I know what you’re thinking, “these gifts lack effort”. Well, not necessarily because these are only available through Sephora and we DON’T have a Sephora store anywhere in the country. You’ll have to hunt local online sites that offer these. That takes a lot of effort IMHO. If you’re willing to shell out a generous amount, I suggest you go for the Urban Decay Naked Vault (lower right).. your girlfriend will love it for sure!
The Arm Candy Collector. Not everyone wants big a** diamonds. A simple bracelet would suffice as long as it fits her personality perfectly. Here are some pieces that I think would be great as gifts not only for your girlfriend but also to your girl friends. See what I did there? HAHA. These pretty bracelets from Karat World would make great Christmas gifts for your female friends and family!
The Perfume Hoarder. I know a lot of people say that it’s not wise to buy a perfume for someone else because our bodies produce chemicals differently and this contributes to the perfumes smell after an hour or two. But to play it safe, I suggest getting one that comes in lovely bottles like these two. The Versace Bright Crystal is sweet but mature while the Nina Ricci La Tentacion de Nina is full-on sweetness overload. Both perfumes are really nice and both packaging qualified for my collection. HAHA. These are probably your safest bet.
The Health Buff. Strong is the new sexy. If your girl likes to run laps or hit the gym, nothing is more motivating than cute outfits to motivate her. Just like everything else, new clothes excite us to do something – like school! I’ve been going to the gym lately and yes, new gym outfits make me want to go more often. Good thing Paseo de Sta Rosa is near our house. FYI, they’re known for their vast outlet stores. You should drop by. ๐Ÿ™‚
The Shoe Savvy. No matter what kind of girl you are dating, I bet she loves shoes as much as the next girl. It’s somehow genetically wired on girls’ system, I guess. HAHA. It’s up to you to decide which kind she’ll like best – a pair of swag kicks or them sexy heels.
The Kitchen Freak. If your girl is great in the kitchen, then you, my friend, are one lucky dude. Haha. Girls can now take as much responsibility as a guy so if a girl gladly cooks/bakes for you; I suggest you encourage her in every way possible. Get her more tools for baking and while you’re at it, find something that is super cute. This way she’d know how supportive you are and that you pay attention to her hobbies. <3
The Animal Lovers. When I was drafting this post, I showed it to my boyfriend first and he immediately asked if this is MY wishlist for this year. I’ve been talking about getting a baby pug a lot lately but I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to another pet. No one could resist these cute puppies. There’s a great chance your girlfriend will fall inlove with these little creatures right away. Although, be warned; you’ll have to start sharing her time and attention when you get her a baby pug. ๐Ÿ™‚
… the last resort. Okay, if you think your girlfriend won’t like any of the things I listed above, here’s the safest choice – a gift card from Forever21. Girls generally love to shop and no matter what type of girl she is and how complicated her personality is, she’s sure to find something she likes at Forever21. You can’t go wrong with this.

Girls can be complicated, I know. But you have to realize that if she really loves you, the material things are just a bonus; quality time is the key. And that’s exactly what I’m aiming for right now.. more out-of-town trips with my man. <3 That’s it then. I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect gift for your special someone. ๐Ÿ™‚